June 15 – 17, 2017
Phoenix, AZ

Education Program

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|| 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

AHP Development Primer: A Workshop on the Fundamentals of Health Care Development
This fast-paced, one-day fundamental workshop is designed for those who are new to the profession. This introductory workshop reviews major areas of development, including: major, planned and annual giving; capital campaigns; policies; finance; marketing; and many other topics. The workshop is highly recommended for those new to development, support staff and board members. It’s a must to gain a broad understanding of health care development. Course fee includes the all-day workshop, the comprehensive Primer CD and notes with the valuable resources, and continental breakfast and lunch.

Patricia Balsamini, Vice President for Development, Saint Barnabas Medical Center

|| 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The Advanced Course in Health Care Fundraising
Specially designed for development pros with five or more years’ experience. The AHP Advanced Course is an intensive one-day program that provides a quick, comprehensive overview of fundraising principles for health care development professionals who have five or more years’ field experience. Course content is organized around the CFRE exam and can assist development professionals in preparing for the CFRE or FAHP examinations. Participants review the core competencies outlined in the CFRE knowledge areas. Course fee includes the workshop, workbook and continental breakfast and lunch. 

Shannon Duval, President & Chief Development Officer, CHI Health
Brian Hervey, CFRE, CGPP, Vice Chancellor of Development, University of California - Irvine
Sandra Searle, CFRE, Major Gift Officer, Dignity Health – St. Joseph's Foundation/Barrow Neurological Foundation

|| 9:15 AM – 10:45 AM

Leading by Example: Lessons Learned 
It can often be difficult moving from peer to manager or from friend to fearless leader, but it is often the natural progression for fundraisers who are looking for new responsibilities and challenges. Colin and Angela, both Directors at Toronto’s SickKids Foundation, have made this transition and look forward to sharing some learning and tips for those who are looking to make this transition or for those who have done so long-ago. 


Colin Hennigar, Director of Major Gifts, SickKids Foundation
Angela Murphy
, Director of Campaign, SickKids Foundation

Facing The Unparalleled Forces of Change
 Presentation Handout
Hospitals and health systems are again facing an unparalleled force to change. Now more than ever, in the current regulatory and economic environment, hospitals and hospital fundraising offices must focus their efforts on performance initiatives that are essential in the short term and that will also remain critical for long-term success. A new approach is required.


William Mountcastle, President, Health Giving (previous Health Philanthropy Services Group, LLC)
Terri Hoffman
, Vice President, Dignity Health–St. Joseph's Foundation

Create a Donor Recognition Community – Feature Your Docs at Donor Insight Gatherings
 Presentation Handout
Utilizing a proven university fundraising technique, PIH Health Foundation created a giving society, Circle of Excellence, to honor donors. Showcasing physician leaders, PIH Health engages donors through interactive experiences hosted by Foundation Board / Trustee members. ED Amy Fitzgerald will share how she refined the idea to fit PIH with the consulting guidance of Tom Wilson. MGO/PG director Nicole Jackson, will reflect on how COE is helping to move both major and planned giving forward.

Thomas Wilson, Vice President, Campbell & Company
Amy Fitzgerald, Executive Director, PIH Health Foundation
Nicole Jackson, Major Gifts Officer/Planned Giving Officer, PIH Health Foundation

|| 11:15 AM – 12:45 PM

Overcoming Barriers to Physician Engagement
 Presentation Handout
By examining why it is so difficult to engage physicians in fundraising, we can begin to see philanthropy from their perspective. Only then will we be able to engage them to become Development Champions willing to refer patients and are eager to meet with them to discuss their experiences and interests in becoming involved through philanthropy. Additionally, we will provide five keys for developing an effective referral-based philanthropy system. This is a presentation based upon the 2016 George A. Brakeley Jr. Award-wining AHP Healthcare Philanthropy journal article of the same title.  


Michael Delzotti, President & CEO, University of Kansas Markey Cancer Foundation
Christopher Kasavich
, Senior Director of Development, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Monetizing Your Connections: Transforming Relationships Into Big Dollars
 Presentation Handout
Fundraising in health care, unlike other arenas, has the advantage of deeply rooted connections with potential donors. Yet many times, these relationships are not maximized because they rely on methods, and even language, that was established decades ago. Today’s donors are faced with new channels, new opportunities, and new demands for their dollars. This session will focus on the new movement that supplements traditional fundraising methods with value propositions, community asset positioning, and Investable Outcomes.


Tom Ralser, Principal, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

The Top 10 Strategies for a Successful Monthly Giving Program
Using industry best practices and practical applications of strategy and tactics, learn how health care organizations are growing revenues through exciting monthly giving programs. See firsthand how BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has gone from 400 monthly donors to over 15,000 through integration, creativity and engagement. See how investments have been made possible along the way. Learn the top 10 strategies for building your own monthly donor programs and incorporate key tactics that will help you create attract, engage and keep monthly donors for long-term success.


Maeve Strathy, Fundraising Strategist, Blakely
Jas Jhooty
, Philanthropy Officer, British Columbia Children's Hospital

Keep Your Friends Close: Simple, Creative Stewardship for Small/Medium Shops
 Presentation Handout
We've all been there - we know how important it is to keep our donors close, but it never seems to be the top priority. Join us for a look at some simple, creative ways that one small shop has used to steward all of its donors, as well as some unconventional ways it has thanked individual major donors. Don't forget to bring your own favorite methods to share!


Liz Kolcun, President and Chief Development Officer, Marin General Hospital Foundation
Katlyn Torgerson
, Vice President, CCS

|| 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM

Building a Grateful Patient-Physician Engagement Program From the Ground Up: A Lesson in the Value of Mentorship and Collaboration
Realizing the untapped potential of physician engagement and referrals of grateful patients, the UF Health Office of Development set out to build a physician and caregiver engagement program from the ground up. In benchmarking peer institutions, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center offered unprecedented access to their internal program creation process. This presentation will cover program creation and implementation, the mentorship and collaboration offered by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and program measurement, growth and outcomes for both institutions.


Joan Andrek, Senior Director of External Relationships & Stewardship, University of Florida Health
Heather Mears, Senior Director of Program Management, University of Florida Health
Darlene Chamlee SmithCampaign & Leadership Program Manager, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Creating Coalitions to Meet Community Needs and Raise Philanthropic Support
 Presentation Handout
A unique collaboration of community leaders and the two major competing health care systems led to the construction of a psychiatric hospital in Tacoma, Washington, to meet a critical need. This session will cover how to build a community coalition and work with your competitor to both meet community needs and raise the money needed to meet your objective.


James Plourde, Vice President, Campbell & Company
Sara Long
, Former Vice President, Foundations of MultiCare

Unlocking New Funding Opportunities by Building a Culture of Innovation in Fundraising
 Presentation Handout
With the consistent trend of "more from fewer", and yet a continuing need to grow fundraising revenues, THPF is engaging in new partnerships & funding opportunities by building a culture of innovation. The objective of this interactive presentation will be to share our approach to inspire and engage internal and external partners in the process, and then review case studies including the creation of a for-profit subsidiary, and our early work in social impact investing. 


Meaghan Stovel McKnight, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Trillium Health Partners Foundation
Steve Hoscheit
, President & CEO, Trillium Health Partners Foundation

|| 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Transforming the Giving Potential of Your Mid-Level Donors
 Presentation Handout
Learn a new method of engaging donors that integrates estate, financial and charitable planning. Two fundraising professionals draw on their industry experience to teach you how to increase donors’ giving potential by educating them on the best ways to give from assets. Teachings are reinforced with three donor case studies presenting the information in a hands-on, practical way. You will be prepared to have meaningful discussions with donors that lead to bigger gifts.


William Petruck, President & CEO, FUNDING Matters Inc.
James Murphy
, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Be a Wrecking Ball: Ten Reasons to Obliterate your Hospital's Fundraising and Marketing Silos
 Presentation Handout
For too long, health care fundraising and marketing professionals have operated in silos. This structure has inhibited collaboration, innovation and cross-pollination of ideas. As a result, millions of dollars are left sitting in potential donor's portfolios...or are gifted to your competitors. At this session, development and communications professionals will share the top ten ways that tearing down these silos can create the synergy needed to greatly enhance your hospital's philanthropy efforts.


Michael Beall, Principal Consultant & Communications Practice Leader, Accordant Philanthropy
Jill Adalpe
, Executive Director, Saint Alphonsus Foundation

Engaging Hospital Employees for a Successful Giving Campaign
 Presentation Handout
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital team of philanthropy and clinical leaders share how they planned and executed a successful employee giving campaign which generated $1 million in one year. Learn how they recruited and activated a dynamic employee committee and launched a campaign. Hear about challenges they faced and lessons they learned. Learn important insights how to make your employee campaign a success – that will not only help meet your philanthropic goals, but improve overall employee engagement.


Andrei Nikitin, Director of Development, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation
Renee Leon
, Donor Relations Officer, Employee Campaign Coordinator, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation
Dustin Aschenfelter, BSN, RN, Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
Jennifer Fitzpatrick, RN, MSN, CCRN, Manager of Critical Care Services, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

Transformational Campaign Gifts – Transforming A Development Program 
 Presentation Handout

A successful campaign environment fosters a heightened level of giving that inspires transformational lead and major gifts. This amplified giving environment can often instill successful major gift and donor engagement practices into the culture of a development program. After receiving the largest gifts in its history during its campaign, Marin General Hospital has fast tracked the planning and implementation of a major gift program by enhancing stewardship practices, developing a concierge program and systematizing a grateful patient initiative.


Liz Kolcun, President and Chief Development Officer, Marin General Hospital Foundation
Ted Blackburn
, Senior Vice President, CCS

|| 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Managing and Maximizing the Donor Experience
 Presentation Handout

Many health care organizations face the challenge of wavering retention rates and increased competition to long-term donor relationships. This session describes a step-by-step approach to address these problems. Attendees will learn how to “map” the donor experience and use results to transform their programs and strengthen donor relationships. In this highly interactive session, attendees will engage in a simulated donor experience mapping. Key concepts will be discussed and real-life experiences of one foundation will be shared.

Ann Thompson-Haas, Principal and Lead Consultant, Larkwood Consulting, LLC
Donna Budak, Executive Director, The Seton Fund and Seton Williamson Foundation 
Lorrie Hartley, Executive Director, Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation
Advancing Your Major Gifts Career in Health Care
 Presentation Handout
The purpose of an integrated grateful patient program is to identify major gift prospects. That makes effective major gift officers crucial to health care fundraising and the success of any grateful patient program. To be successful as a major gift officer, you need to work with physicians, deal with changes in leadership, and produce fundraising results–often while working closely with your department head who is not part of the development department. 

Brian Hervey, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, President, UCI Foundation
Randall Hallett, Executive Vice President and Principal Consultant, The Gobel Group

Introduction to Benchmarking
 Presentation Handout
Benchmarking across and within organizations is one of the best ways to advance your foundation’s performance. AHP’s Report on Giving and Benchmarking Service provides a platform from which to benchmark easily and affordably. Each year AHP selects High Performers from this group. High Performers have consistent characteristics, and you will learn about those in this session. In addition, you will engage in a round table discussion with attendees from these High Performing organizations, and learn what they do with benchmarking information at their shop. You will leave with knowledge of AHP’s service, the options for participating, and a copy of the Tool Kit that will help you prepare to submit your own data. AHP Members may participate in the Report on Giving platform at no charge. Contributors to the Survey receive an annual Report on Giving complimentary. If you are involved in healthcare fundraising, the benefits of benchmarking cannot be underestimated. Make plans to hear how your colleagues are using this service to improve their operations.

Denise M. Brassé, Director, Membership and Partnerships, AHP

|| 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Transformation Motivation: The Power of Gratitude in Philanthropy
 Presentation Handout
Exceptional service and meaningful care can lead to extreme loyalty, extraordinary gratitude, and extravagant generosity. Does your organization recognize these outcomes and respond optimally? In this session, we will explore how MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is transforming how their team views gratitude and the critical role philanthropy plays in their work. Join us to explore the strategies their team is implementing, the successes they are experiencing, and lessons they are learning along the way.


Pam Maroulis, Vice President of Philanthropy, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Mark McCampbell
, Senior Consultant, Strategic Partnerships, Advancement Resources

Crème Pies & Car Races: How Annual Employee Campaigns Can Generate Record Gifts, Outrageous Participation & Community Contributions
Ever wonder if there’s more to life than the rinse-repeat structure of an annual employee campaign?  If you’re willing to get rid of your old playbook; court the ludicrous (think crème pies and Hot Wheels races); and tap the influence-makers in your organization, you can forge relationships with your coworkers and your community through these campaigns!  Learn how two decidedly different hospitals generated record annual campaign gifts and participation, while endearing their development programs to the public.


Rebecca Southwick, Philanthropy Officer, St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake–Adventist Health

Developing and Articulating the New Case for Support: Motivating Gifts in Today's Environment
 Presentation Handout
As the paradigm for providing healthcare changes, healthcare foundations must articulate the resulting new case for support. This new case includes population health, community health, and innovation, in addition to facilities and technology. Learn from a real-life effort to develop and test the new case for support with donors and the community. In addition to learning from one organization’s experience, attendees will leave with ideas for how to apply the concepts to their own organizations.

Ann Thompson-Haas, Principal, Larkwood Group, LLC
Lorrie Hartley
, Executive Director, Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation

Maximizing New Opportunities To Raise More Money and Awareness
 Presentation Handout
The Council of the Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center (HMDHVC) was established in 2007 in order to engage a broader spectrum of community leaders and philanthropists in one of the most prominent heart centers in the nation and in the overall life of Houston Methodist Hospital (HMH). Houston Methodist had recently dissolved its partnership with Baylor College of Medicine and the hospital, and its small governing board, made a commitment to moving Houston Methodist forward in its vision to become a nationally ranked academic medical center. This vision is being realized in an incredibly short period of time. HMDHVC Council names were gathered by the senior development officer from physicians and others close to HMDHVC and the recruitment, cultivation and philanthropic process has blossomed over its 10 year period. The Council members have become engaged in the life and the future of HMDHVC by hosting events as an outreach to the community and nominating additional community leaders to the Council. This will broaden the HMDHVC and Houston Methodist's network in the Houston community and beyond. Perhaps most importantly, the Council has contributed approximately $20 million for priority programs and are setting the stage for ongoing philanthropy.

Michelle Buchanan, Principal, Dini Spheris 
Nan Duhon
, Senior Director of Development, Houston Methodist