October 23-26, 2019 | Washington, DC

2019 Social Media Video Contest

The AHP Video Contest is back! We’re looking for top-notch videos from your organization that were published on social media or your website over the past year.

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About the Contest

It's back! Now in its fifth year, AHP's Social Media Video Contest allows health care foundations to show off their best videos from the past year.

Has your organization produced a great video that's helped you raise more money, increase awareness or spotlight a patient story? Submit it for this year's contest!

Length of Contest

The contest will run from Thursday, June 27th to Friday, August 23rd. 

Participation Rules

  • Each organization may submit only one video.
  • Video duration may not exceed 5 minutes.
  • All entries must be submitted through the contest form.
  • Video must be related to the foundation itself or the hospital which the foundation serves.
  • Videos are only eligible if they were shown on your social media accounts or your website. 
  • Video cannot have been produced/published before August 2018. 
  • Submitter or submitting organizations must be individual or institutional members of AHP. 
  • The submitter or submitting organization must have ownership or permission to use the submitted video.
  • AHP reserves the right to use any entry in materials produced. In addition, submissions may be used for educational or promotional purposes. 
    • Note: The original creator does not give up their rights to any submission -- it simply means AHP can use submissions as we see fit. 


AHP staff will select the first round of finalists. The International Conference Committee will then submit individual ratings to tally up a first place winner and three honorable mentions.
Videos will be judged on four factors:
  • Usefulness in fundraising
  • clear messaging
  • memorable/creative approach
  • overall production
All winners will be contacted mid-September. Due to the many submissions we receive, we will not reach out to those whose videos were not selected.


One (1) first place winner and three (3) honorable mentions

First place prizes:
     • AHP will recognize the winner and play the winning video at the 2019 AHP International Conference in Washington, D.C., October 23-26. 
     • Video will be featured on AHP’s website, social media and digital newsletters.
     • AHP will make a donation of $250 to the winning organization.

Honorable mention prize:
     • Video will be mentioned on AHP’s social media, digital newsletters and website.

Questions? Contact Dana Krauss at dana@ahp.org.

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