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NEWS  /  02/27/2019
We need to invest in the people working for nonprofits and their success the way the for-profit sector does.
NEWS  /  02/14/2019
Cultivating gratitude among patients is critical to the success of many health care philanthropy campaigns, but gratefulness has not always been the focus of campaigns in the past.
NEWS  /  02/14/2019
Here are a few highlights of the AHP Salary Report, which examines salary levels in the United States and Canada for 21 career categories in the field of health care philanthropy.
NEWS  /  02/13/2019
Jennifer Maust talks about her experience attending the AHP Madison Institute, which she credits with helping her land her current position as executive director of Meritus Healthcare Foundation.
NEWS  /  01/29/2019
Like a diagnostic tool in health care practice, informed prospect research helps focus the work of philanthropy on the right person, in the right place and at the right time.
NEWS  /  01/28/2019
Steven A. Rum discusses how to implement recommendations from "Ethical Issues and Recommendations in Grateful Patient Fundraising and Philanthropy" in your own institution.
NEWS  /  01/28/2019
While every health care organization’s mission is written using different words, the common theme is to provide the best possible care to every patient, every time.
NEWS  /  01/28/2019
Official guidelines regarding the ethics of grateful patient fundraising

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