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About the Toolkit

To ensure that philanthropy is a priority in your organization, your executive team needs to be on board. This toolkit will help you get inside the heads of your CEO and your Board—to understand their biggest challenges and most pressing goals—and give you tools to position your own work to address them. By aligning the foundation’s goals to the executive team’s strategy, you’ll make yourself and the work of your team indispensable to the success of your organization.  

Topics Included

  • Top CEO challenges and opportunities 
  • Engaging your CEO in philanthropy
  • Engaging your Board in philanthropy

Top CEO Challenges and Opportunities

AHP president and chief executive officer Alice Ayres periodically interviews leaders in the healthcare profession about their biggest challenges, and how philanthropy helps to meet them. We hope these videos help you understand why philanthropy is important to hospitals and health systems, so you can share the insights with hospital leadership at your organization who may still be learning about this work. 

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Featured Video

A Conversation with CommonSpirit Health CEO Lloyd Dean

2022  • 14 minutes

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Engaging Your CEO in Philanthropy

Hospital CEOs may not be aware of how much of a central role philanthropy can take in the financial health of a healthcare organization. Showing them the full impact that philanthropy has well beyond planning parties can increase the foundation's influence on organizational strategy. Use these tools to make the case to your CEO about the importance of philanthropy to your organization's bottom line and the community.

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Blog Post

Build a Better Relationship with Your CEO

2020  •  7-minute read

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The Financial Benefits of Investing in Philanthropy

2022  •  10-minute read


Engaging Your Board in Philanthropy

The materials below will help you better engage your Board, or Boards, in your development goals. Learn how to show Board members why philanthropy is an institutional priority and an investment strategy, and how they can get involved in driving major gifts.

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10 Things Your Board Should Know About Philanthropy

2019  •  8-minute read

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Choose the Level That's Right for You

Philanthropy Fundamentals

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Gives a broad overview of a topic with no prior knowledge required. Appropriate for new healthcare fundraisers and individuals looking to fill in skill gaps.


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Gives an in-depth look into a topic with a focus on application. Appropriate for individuals with some prior knowledge and experience in the subject area.


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Focuses on complex topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy. Appropriate for senior leaders with significant knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare philanthropy.