AHP Performance Benchmarking Service

Interested in creating your own benchmarking peer group to share data? Email benchmarking@ahp.org.

Using Organizational Performance Metrics to Build Better Fundraising Programs

Generating, analyzing and transforming organizational performance data and metrics into useful information can be time consuming and expensive. The AHP Performance Benchmarking Service is designed to take the stress and expense out of data analytics in order for you to improve your fundraising programs with tools that are: 
  • Inexpensive 
  • User friendly 
  • Designed for shops of all sizes 
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About the AHP Performance Benchmarking Service

The AHP Performance Benchmarking Service is a fee-based member service designed and developed by and for health care development professionals. The AHP Performance Benchmarking Service allows you to generate comparison reports for improved financial and human resource evaluation and planning. 

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Get Ahead of the Curve - Why you need organizational performance metrics and benchmarks

Your health care institution measures and analyzes everything – from net patient service revenue to patient satisfaction - so you know the importance placed on performance metrics in your organization. It’s not surprising that many are seeing its potential in philanthropy as well, and are asking for it. We encourage you to get ahead of the curve – both for your community, your organization and your own professional development.

Benchmarking is helping organizations grow their development programs and bring in more donations. The measures and processes used in the program are the future of our profession. We truly believe that organizations that fail to adopt these tools will struggle in the future – and that’s when the real scrutiny begins!

Using performance metrics can help you build a road map for your foundation or development office by helping you to determine:
  • The number and types of fundraising programs you need to reach your organization’s fundraising goals
  • The returns you can expect to receive from each fundraising program
  • The number of direct and indirect staff you’ll need for each program
  • Which programs to expand based on net fundraising returns, cost to raise a dollar and return on investment
  • How to measure success and determine underperforming programs
  • What successful organizations look like so you can plan for future growth (i.e. number of programs, staff size, total production)

Performance Metrics for Shops of All Sizes

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from benchmarking and performance metrics, and it is especially useful for small to medium sized organizations. Smaller development offices benefit because benchmarking can help them avoid reinventing the wheel. By examining the standards and practices of industry leaders, these organizations can adapt them to suit their needs. Although benchmarking can be an expensive proposition, most organizations find that it is well worth it.

Reports that make sense to you – whether you love data or not

The AHP Performance Benchmarking Service takes into account that not everyone loves analyzing data. If you love data, then the service provides you with one database and plenty of tools for running hundreds of reports. If sorting through data is not your thing, then you simply decide the metrics you want based on a menu of already designed reports and download what you need.

AHP’s service provides:
  • Timely and reliable comparisons with peer institutions of your choice
  • Fast, user friendly, graphically appealing, comparison data
  • The best way to organize and present key comparative data in a form your CEO, CFO and board can understand and use.

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What's involved in becoming a participant?

  1. Submit data to the Report on Giving and Benchmarking platform.
  2. Order the "performance benchmarking service" from AHP's Bookstore.
  3. Generate custom reports or download reports from a menu of options

The Survey.

You must provide and share financial and resource information on an annual basis. All AHP Performance Benchmarking participants contribute to the benchmarking data by completing an annual survey. The benchmarking data collection process is conducted online over a period of three months (May 1 through July 31).

Data you are required to provide:

  • Information about the health care institution and community you support
    • Type
    • Size (net patient service revenue, net operating revenue, number of staffed beds)
    • Demographic information about the community you support (population size, median household income)
    • Pledge conversion ratios
    • Funding relationship with your institution
    • Direct and Indirect Staff Information
  • Number of FTEs
    • Their tenure, compensation, and the percent of time they spend on various fundraising activities (ie: major gifts, annual gifts, etc.)
  • Operational expenses
    • Total 
    • Percent allocated to fundraising activities (ie: major gifts, annual gifts, etc.)
  • Endowment and campaign activity (if any)
  • Total gifts received and expected (number and value) by fundraising activity
  • Sources of gifts received and expected (physicians, patients, corporations, etc.)

The Database.

You will have access to a proprietary database for conducting research and benchmarking analysis, downloading standard comparative and individualized reports.

The database is user-friendly, conforms to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in terms of data reporting, and uses strict quality control measures instituted by AHP to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

The Reports.

You will access online user-friendly reports that provide standardized and comparative analysis based on core benchmark indicators such as net fundraising returns, return on investment and cost to raise a dollar. In addition to a menu of options. You can even download your results to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

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Questions? Email benchmarking@ahp.org.

"The Dignity Health system provides support to its 31 affiliated fundraising foundations.  We are often asked for input into the multi-year strategic plans that are developed by each of the foundations. Participating in AHP’s Performance Benchmarking Service has provided us valuable data to make more informed decisions regarding fundraising efforts throughout Dignity Health. It has really helped us to intelligently plan for our future’s much-needed sustainable growth in philanthropy."

Tamra Von Schroeck

Director of Operations and Finance, Philanthropy

Dignity Health

Phoenix, AZ

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Performance Benchmarking Service
The AHP Performance Benchmarking Service is a fee-based member service designed and developed by and for health care development professionals. This program allows you to generate comparison reports for improved financial and human resource evaluation and planning.

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