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AHP Staff Directory

Alice Ayres: President & Chief Executive Officer

Devin Barnes: Member Services Coordinator

Mike Corelli: Director of Education and Meetings

James Donlin: Manager, Event Services

Mary Ann Donlin: Executive Assistant/Foundation Assistant

Joan Florance: Administrative & Accounting Assistant 

Norman Flores: Director of Finance

Jasmine Jones: Research Specialist

Bob McDonald: Digital Content Coordinator
Oralia Mejia: Education Manager

Dorothy Mitchell: Manager, Membership Development and Administration

Maddy Morris: Manager, Business Development

Becky Nadora: Director of Membership & Business Development

Barbara Pappas: Resource Center Manager

Sarah Park: Accountant

Allana Schwaab: Communications Manager

John Wilson: Director of Content Marketing
Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
2511 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Suite 810
Arlington, VA  22202

Phone:  1-703-532-6243
Fax:  1-703-532-7170
Email:  ahp@ahp.org
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Association for Healthcare Philanthropy 2511 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 810 Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 1 (703) -532-6243
Fax: 1 (703) -532-7170
Email: ahp@ahp.org