October 18 – 21, 2017
New Orleans, LA

Education Sessions

Wednesday, October 18
Add-On Workshop/Forum

The Development Primer Workshop

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

This fast-paced, one-day, fundamental workshop focuses on the basic elements of health care philanthropy and the role of development in a health care organization. You will review major areas of health care development, including: major, planned, and annual giving; capital campaigns; policies; finance; marketing; and many other topics. The workshop is highly recommended for those new to health care development (with less than five years experience) and for support staff and board members who need to understand the elements of health care development. 

Ann Thompson Haas, Principal, Larkwood Group, LLC
Jason Smith, Executive VP of Philanthropy, Bozeman Health Foundation
Shawn Fincher, Major Gift Officer, Providence Health Services
Lisa Laskowski, CDO, Royal University Hospital Foundation

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Thursday, October 19

The Top 10 Strategies for a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Category: Annual Giving/Employee Giving

Using industry best practices and practical applications of strategy and tactics, learn how health care organizations are growing revenues through exciting monthly giving programs. See firsthand how BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has gone from 400 monthly donors to over 15,000 through integration, creativity and engagement. See how investments have been made possible along the way. Learn the top 10 strategies for building your own monthly donor programs and incorporate key tactics that will help you create attract, engage and keep monthly donors for long-term success.

Maeve Strathy, Fundraising Strategist, Blakely
Jas Jhooty, Philanthropy Officer, BC Children's Hospital

Corporate Partnerships—Why Cause Marketing is Not Sustainable and You Need to Evolve
Category: Corporate/Events

Consumers are smart.  Companies and causes can no longer “fool” them with superficial transactional relationships that are designed to sell a ton of product while throwing pennies to the cause.  Come learn how smart causes are showing meaningful impact which leads to deep, sustainable, and much more profitable partnerships.

Maureen Carlson, Senior VP, Strategic Partnerships, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Wally Edwards, Senior VP, Field Operations, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Clark Sweat, Chief Revenue Officer, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Securing Blended and Documented Planned Gifts: Three Steps of the Philanthropic Learning Curve
Category: Planned Giving

Who are the best candidates for blended and documented planned gifts? Peter Karoff, founder of The Philanthropic Initiative, developed the six-step Philanthropic Learning Curve. Presenters will discuss the Philanthropic Learning Curve and focus on the three steps that comprise the "sweet spot" for securing blended and documented planned gifts. How these types of gifts move donors up the Philanthropic Learning Curve will be highlighted. To that end, three case studies will be discussed.

Dave Smith, President, Heaton Smith Group, LLC
Bill Kinard, FAHP, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, Mission Health System, President, Mission Foundation

The Priority Pivot: Continuing the Campaign Dance When the Music Changes
Category: Campaign

You’ve launched your campaign with compelling funding priorities--and a pool of promising prospects. But then it happens:  the fast-shifting health care landscape steals your needs list! And, when you approach your CEO, all you hear is “…consolidation, new partnerships, physician groups leaving to join another system, uncertainty regarding the future.” Frankly, none of it seems very helpful. Jay Angeletti of the Angeletti Group, Jim Quinn of the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center and Nina Weisbord of Temple Health will share best practices and case studies to help you pivot to support to your organization’s evolving needs while also maintaining donor trust and enthusiasm. It’s still all about the communities you serve; It’s just not what you—or anyone—else--originally thought!  

Jay Angeletti, President, The Angeletti Group
Jim Quinn, Chief Development Officer, Foundation for Morristown Medical Center
Nina Weisbord, Chief Advancement Officer, Temple Health, Assistant Dean, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Associate VP, Temple University

Engaging Key Witnesses in Major Gift Fundraising
Category: Board Engagement/Volunteer

Fundraising is not a solo activity.  Oftentimes, raising transformational gifts requires a larger vision which is often better described by key witnesses to the organization rather than the major gift officer working alone.  This interactive discussion will walk through the tools and methods in identifying benefactor prospects and providing you with proven outcomes and methods for utilizing these key ambassadors and witnesses to assist in the cultivation and solicitation process for transformational philanthropy.

Brett Holleman, CFRE, Vice President, Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation
Mark Bogertman, Director of Development, Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation

Hospice Fundraising: Emerging Grateful Patient and Family Programs—Key Successes and Pitfalls
Category: Grateful Patients

With over 6100 hospice agencies across the US whose reimbursement for care has decreased, a bigger emphasis is placed on philanthropy. However, the culture of hospice revolves around how difficult the situation is for each family. When is an appropriate time to discuss giving back? What steps should be taken? This session will explore all these variables.

Helen Poole, Principal Consultant, Gobel Group
Aida Matic, CFRE, VP of Philanthropy, Tidewell Hospice

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Friday, October 20

Building the System Development Organization
Category: Health Care Systems

As healthcare organizations continue to merge, many are exploring systemization of healthcare philanthropy to secure financial and operational efficiencies and to derive value from system-ness. This session explores key issues and opportunities along the systemization journey such as structure, titling, talent management, culture, data management and more along with real-life examples from some of the largest systems in the United States.

Betsy Taylor, President & Principal Consultant, Accordant Philanthropy
Fred Najjar, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, Dignity Health

Encouraging Character: Team Building and Management Today
Category: Management/Career Development

All leaders, good and bad, proclaim the importance of a “team”, but truly great leaders exemplify it. This session will explore qualities of effective leadership by focusing on specific traits for constructing a team, instilling a sense of character, and maximizing institutional performance, while positioning individual team members for personal growth and career success. By providing strong guidance and leadership today, managers can help shape future leaders for tomorrow.

James Digan, President, Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation
Greg Hagin, Managing Director, CCS Fundraising

Thinking Beyond What Can Be Imagined...The New Era of Cases for Support
Category: Marketing/Branding

Population Health, capital needs, the patient experience, program needs, leadership changes, endowment growth, care coordination, mergers…struggling to construct your case for support in the new era of healthcare fundraising? How do you meet the need, when perhaps all of it isn’t defined, evolves throughout the campaign, or even known? You’re not alone! Bring your case and questions to this session and learn from a colleague who has faced these questions and is moving successfully forward.

Philip Salerno III, President & CDO, Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation
John Modzelewski, Vice President, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.

Overcoming Physician Objections to Grateful Patient Fundraising
Category: Grateful Patients

We will consider five key strategies to connect with physicians and understand philanthropy from their perspective. While any fundraiser can benefit from this session, it’s aimed primarily at those who are interested in building long-term working relationships with physicians based upon mutual respect.  Practiced effectively and consistently, the tenets in this session will aid institutions in increasing physician satisfaction with the development office, empower development officers in securing larger gifts and assist grateful patients in their connection and healing.

Michael Delzotti, President & CEO, UK Markey Cancer Foundation
Christopher Kasavich, CFRE, Senior Director of Development, MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Flexible Fundraiser: Matching Your Approach with the Donor's Personality
Category: Frontline Fundraising

The session will focus on assessing and understanding your color spectrum; each attendee will be given a simple to use assessment. Then, we will explore each color and what makes them unique. Learn what motivates you and why; and, maybe even more importantly, learn what motivates others and why. Lastly, we will focus on quickly identifying the dominant color in a prospect, and how that knowledge and information might alter your approach to cultivation and ultimately soliciting a donor.  

Joseph Stampe, President, Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations

"Those Who Plan the Battle Do Not Battle the Plan": A Roadmap for Transformational Revenue Growth
Category: C-Suite

Every CDO is responsible for leading their organization toward revenue growth. Yet the path forward is not always clear, nor is the support of the team always certain. This session will profile best-in-class examples from across North America to reveal the key elements in a successful business planning process that simultaneously: 1) engages and educates your team; 2) gives your organization the courage to aspire to and plan for transformational revenue growth; 3) creates a rational, data-driven analysis to frame growth aspirations; and 4) tables a plan that gains the buy-in of staff as well as both Hospital and Board leadership.

Grant Stirling, Ph.D., Executive VP & CDO, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Eric Snoek, VP, Grenzebach Glier & Associates

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Saturday, October 21

Digital is Development: Online Strategy for Building Relationships

Category: Marketing/Branding

The statistics tell us that a majority of nonprofits are still not actively engaging donors in the digital space. But the numbers  also show there is enormous potential in this audience. This session will illustrate how digital tools can help you build a continuous and powerful connection with donors and show you ways to engage your whole staff in a digital strategy that will improve relationships across the organization.

Christina Vanoverbeke, Director of Communications, Dignity Health Philanthropy

An Employee Campaign Guaranteed to Deliver Maximum ROI
Category: Annual Giving/Employee Giving

Struggling with stagnant participation in your employee campaign? This session will provide you with simple strategies that will boost your campaign in an engaging and meaningful way. You will walk away with successful tools and ideas that you can rely on for significant and consistent revenue from your employees.  

Heather Parkinson, Manager, Development Research and Data Analysis, Mission Healthcare Foundation
Katie Dennehy, Manager, System Gift Programs, Mission Healthcare Foundation

Make Your Stories and Content Work Harder for You — Reach a Bigger and Better Audience with a Content Marketing Strategy
Category: Marketing/Branding

Fundraising is built on impactful stories and all too often told just a few times to a small audience.  In today’s world of countless media outlets, social networks, mommy-bloggers, fake news and presidential tweets we must think bigger about how our stories can work for us.  For example, find out how one boy’s love for David Ortiz turned into one of ESPN’s top moments of 2016. This session will share inspiring examples about how your stories can be told across many channels, build your brand and engage more donors.  

Craig Sorensen, MBA, Chief Content Officer, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Dealing with the Data Deluge: Recommendations and Best Practices for Managing Patient Screening Data

Category: Data
Whether you’ve just begun to screen your patients, or have been doing so for a while, there’s no doubt that you will encounter challenges involving what, how, when and where to store the volume of information. In this session, you will learn some effective methods for managing your screening data. We’ll also review some best practices for analyzing the data in order to gain insight on your patients that will further enhance your program. 

Anna Sheehan, Senior Product Specialist/Consultant, WealthEngine

Philanthropy and the 21st Century: Implications for Diversity
Category: Diversity

This session explores the intersection between philanthropy and diversity. It focuses on how organizational development, including outreach, solicitation, grant-making, evaluation, staffing and other areas will need to ensure our attitudes, practices policies and structures are relevant to an increasingly diverse world.  This focus is contextual and includes race and ethnicity, and a variety of other vulnerable groups. Ultimately leaders need to assure our constituents that these efforts are in our best collective interest.  

James Mason, Ph.D., Chief Diversity Officer, Providence Health & Services

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