Keynote Speaker

Andy Papathanassiou
Friday, March 23rd 

When Andy Papathanassiou talks about being in the fast lane, he’s referring to something other than his life experiences.

Starting in 1992 as the “pit crew coach” for Hendrick Motorsports, DuPont, Sprint Cup Race Team, Papathanassiou has been an integral part of the team building and communication talents that have led to many victories on the NASCAR Circuit. He was a member of Jeff Gordon’s “Rainbow Warriors” throughout the 1990s, helping the team reach multiple record-setting performances.

Over the years, the paradigm shift pioneered by Papathanassiou has become the standard in racing and revolutionized the way pit crews operate.

“A pit crew is just like any high performance team or business unit–you need the right perspective, dedicated players and a good system. Without all the components you will never achieve your potential,” says Andy.

At Leading Forward, you’ll hear from Papathanassiou about importance of communication, collaboration, teamwork and strategic thinking, and how to build those traits in your organization.

Additional keynote speakers and panelists to be announced.