March 19 – 21, 2017
Nashville, TN


Speaker Center


Thank you for agreeing to speak with AHP. Your willingness to share best practices is important to the AHP community and furthering health care development. Here you will find general information about speaking at 2017 Leading Forward Executive Summit.

Speaker Policies

To ensure a successful experience as a speaker, please review the information below about the terms of your speaking engagement.

•    AHP does not pay for travel expenses or speaker fees.
•    AHP asks that you register for the conference if you are planning on attending the conference beyond your own session (registration is not complimentary).
•    AHP requires that if you are an industry partner that you co-present with a development professional and exhibit at, or sponsor the conference.
•    AHP requires that your presentation and materials be your own original work or have obtained any necessary copyright permissions.
•    We ask that you notify AHP immediately by calling 703-532-6243 or emailing in the event that an emergency should prevent you from meeting you obligation as a speaker.
•    AHP does not allow sales pitches or self-promotion in their presentations. Content should be based upon a relevant topic, concept or idea, not a product or service.

Speaker Agreement
Please review the speaker agreement for your conference and return a signed copy to AHP to confirm your session by emailing it to  or by fax at (703) 532-7170.
 Download the agreement here. Speaker Agreements are due February 3, 2017.

Presentations: Providing resources in your session
AHP highly encourages speakers to provide AHP with their presentation and/or handouts for attendees to use during his/her session. The sessions are often evaluated not only by the expertise of the speaker but also on the availability of presentations or shared resources. What constitutes a handout?
•    A copy of your PowerPoint/keynote/Prezi presentation
•    A resource from your organization that can be used as a tool for an attendee that demonstrates what you are teaching about
•    A summary of your presentation
•    Please use the AHP Leading Forward PowerPoint template for your presentation. Download here

Please email your presentation in PowerPoint format to, by April 14, 2017. (Note: When you send in your PowerPoint document, we will convert the file to a printable and secure PDF. We will not edit the content of your presentation. You are required to bring your PowerPoint on a jump-drive with you to the conference in addition to emailing a copy to AHP so we can post it for attendees). Presentations must be provided to AHP by the deadline to be posted on our website for attendees to download before the conference. If you are not able to provide your presentation by the deadline, it is your responsibility to bring with you 75 copies of your presentation in the notes format for session attendees.