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Moving from Event-Driven to Major-Gifts Oriented Strategy

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Originally presented May 30, 2018


  • Adam Blanchard, MS, CFRE, Director of Donor Engagement at Dayton Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Kristin Barsness, Ph.D., CFRE, Executive Director of Mary Bridge Children's Foundation
  • Karin Olsen, MA, CFRE, Executive Vice President of St. Peter's Health Foundation
  • Daniel Otto, CFRE, Consultant, Marts & Lundy
What drives the greatest return on investment? Prevailing wisdom (and research) says a relationship-based major gift donor will provide a greater lifetime value to an organization than the consistent ebb and flow of a lower level, transaction-based donor. So why do we keep focusing so hard on making special events the cornerstone of our organizations? There are likely several reasons, but it often comes down to it being easier to do things the way they've always been done. If you're ready to break the vicious cycle at your organization, take time to join this panel of practitioners to better understand the landscape and learn what it will take to move from special events to major gifts-driven. 


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