AHP Reporting Standards

AHP Standards Manual

For Healthcare Philanthropy Revenue and Expense Reporting

The 2012 AHP Standards Manual has been the cornerstone for standardizing healthcare philanthropy revenue and expense reporting. In line with our mission to strengthen data integrity and like-for-like comparisons, the AHP Healthcare Philanthropy Standards Council is excited to announce the 2020 edition coming in December, 2019!

What to Expect in the Second Edition

There are three main categories of changes you can expect to see in the 2020 edition of the Standards Manual:

Cash and Production now Recorded Revenue and Production Revenue

By aligning the standards closer to the widely recognized Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), this will help create a common language between you and your CFO.

Programmatic Reporting for Gifts

To further simplify your reporting, instead of reporting gifts by program, you now have the ability to report gifts based on whether they are recorded in the reporting year per GAAP (“Recorded Revenue”) or could not be recorded per GAAP due to its revocable and/or conditional nature (“Production Revenue”).

Updated Expense Categories

Expenses have been expanded from three categories (direct costs, indirect costs, and overhead costs) to four categories (direct compensation expense, indirect compensation expense, non-compensation expense, and non-philanthropy expense). The goal is to reduce confusion between direct and indirect expenses, and clarify those that are compensation-related only.

Download this PDF to learn more about the changes between editions.

Pre-Order the 2020 Manual (Print)

You can pre-order your printed copy of the 2020 Standards Manual, expected to publish and ship in December 2019.