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For years, you have talked about the need for AHP to step up support, lean into a data-driven approach, and lead the profession with a more concentrated effort to deliver best-in-class education, networking, insights, and analysis. We’ve combined all of these into our newest membership solution—AHPrime.


What a healthcare philanthropy membership should be.

AHPrime expands on our greatest strength—this community—with organization-wide membership access, working roundtables for peer leadership groups, as well as professional development and best practice presentations. We've designed it to support your entire fundraising organization, from your most experienced Major Gifts Officer to the board's newest member. AHPrime also makes creating data-driven benchmarking cohorts easy, allowing you to give your C-Suite partners insight into your success and demonstrate where investment could return better results. Overall, AHPrime is personalized to address your specific needs as you work to improve your healthcare fundraising performance. Keep reading to learn how the AHPrime Membership does that for you.

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Speakers Bureau

Recognizing that not all members of your team can attend our conferences, we bring learning to you on-site (virtually, for now) once a year, delivered by healthcare philanthropy leaders and/or the AHP team. Speakers Bureau presentations are a great way to get your entire team on the same page to achieve your organization's fundraising goals or keep your board up-to-date with current fundraising best practices.

Topics include:

  • How, When, and Where Boards Can Engage for Maximum Impact
  • State of the Union: Philanthropy in Uncertain Times
  • Managing from a Distance: Success Tips for Overseeing a Remote Team
  • Merger Mania: The Role Philanthropy can Play in Coming Together
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Benchmarking Platform

The Benchmarking Platform is an intuitive web-based benchmarking platform that makes it easy to determine your organization's strengths and areas of opportunity analytically. Today, we have over 200 organizations submitting data, including all the AHPrime member organizations. Many provide their data unblinded, allowing you to quickly access that information and giving you a chance to reach out and learn from others who are excelling.

Your team will be able to dig into your own data and evaluate performance in annual giving, planned giving, or major gifts in categories like Return on Investment, Cost to Raise a Dollar, Net Fundraising Revenue, Total Fundraising Expenses, and Total Endowment. In the past, identifying cohorts and sifting through data could be time-consuming and challenging, but AHPrime's benchmarking platform makes it simple.

Watch the Platform in Action

      David Flood Square2 

"Our team quickly embraced the value of AHPrime soon after signing up, as we reached out for a speaker to bring us the pulse of the industry during this crisis, and what we received was exactly what we hoped for: an informed, personalized, clear, and interesting give and take with impressive follow-up on any items that required more research."

David Flood, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer and President of Intermountain Foundation

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Leadership Roundtables

The best advice can come from those who share similar experiences. We understand that national systems face different challenges than regional or stand-alone organizations and that a children's hospital will have a very different focus from a hospice foundation. For this reason, AHPrime Leadership Roundtables are carefully structured based on commonalities like size, structure, location, and benchmarking data. 
The Roundtables meet in-person twice a year (or virtually for now), creating a space for conversations with your peers that are meaningful and relevant. Every meeting is organized so that the talks are focused, yet allow for free-flowing discussions that benefit everyone.

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Research & Best Practices

While there can never be enough toolkits for your team to absorb, there also isn't enough time in the day for your team to read them all. We're committed to researching and creating content in various formats to help you and your team use them in a way that fits your needs.
You can expect to see in-depth reports—supported by data and best practices—from AHP's top-performing members in different categories. You'll have access to ready-made PowerPoint templates with stats you can use for your presentations, one-sheeters you can skim over lunch, and much more.

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"One of the many reasons I appreciate AHPrime Leadership Roundtables is that they create the space to pull up and focus in on strategy. This is always important, but the pandemic has made it difficult to be able to see past the very short term. I appreciate the time spent with colleagues reviewing AHP’s data and looking out to where we can go and where we could be a year, two years, three years from now."

Fred Najjar,  Chief Philanthropy Officer and Executive Vice President of CommonSpirit Health

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Account Management

Part of the benefit of AHPrime is that you and your team get additional support from an AHP Account Manager to help handle some of the tasks that would help your team focus on what's important. The AHPrime Account Management Team is there to help you access the resources you need quickly, help connect you with peers even before a Leadership Roundtable, coordinate a speaking event, and even help get your roster up to date.

And speaking of the roster, AHPrime is the only AHP membership that gives you the option of adding your entire organization's staff—even board members, engaged clinicians, and administrative leaders—to access some or all of these benefits without any extra cost. Email us to learn more about this AHPrime benefit.

Which AHP Membership is best for you?

An AHPrime membership is best for healthcare philanthropy teams who support hospitals and health systems––large and small. Institutional memberships are great for the philanthropy teams supporting other healthcare organizations with more than three staff persons on the roster seeking continuous professional education at a large discount. The Individual membership is best for single-person access to all the benefits of the Institutional membership. And the Affiliate membership is designed for companies interested in sponsorship opportunities that support healthcare philanthropy professional development and present opportunities for interaction and dialogue with healthcare fundraisers.

AHPrime Institutional Individual
All-access Roster
Without any additional cost, you can add all or some of your team members to your organization's roster.
Benchmarking Platform
Create unlimited, custom comparison sets in our intuitive web-based benchmarking platform.
Leadership Roundtables
These semi-annual meetings provide a space for you to meet with your peer organizations to discuss topics unique to your health system or foundation.
Speakers Bureau
We'll bring learning to your team once a year, delivered by healthcare philanthropy leaders and/or the AHP staff.
All Webinars Free
Access all of AHP’s webinars at no additional cost (originally $49 to $199 per paid webinar.)
Account Management
Dedicated account managers from the AHP team will become long-term partners aiding in your strategic plans, connecting with your team, and acting as a resource for your questions.
Research & Best Practices
Download in-depth reports, ready-made templates, one-sheeters, and more to use as you need.
Thought Leadership Publications
Our collection of publications include annual giving and salary reports from our members, as well as best practices from the profession's leading thought leaders and high performing organizations––content you can't find anywhere else.
Healthcare Philanthropy Journal
Published twice a year, the Journal is a collection of over a dozen peer-reviewed articles addressing today's relevant topics, challenges, and best practices, exclusive to members.
Connect Newsletter
AHP's signature email newsletter will deliver biweekly updates to your inbox on the latest healthcare philanthropy news and research, educational and professional opportunities, best practices, and other trending topics.
Discounts on Paid Events
Exclusive savings based on membership level.
Access to the AHP Huddle
Join our online community to chat, ask questions, and interact directly with other healthcare fundraisers.

++ Note: AHPrime members receive a larger percentage discount for AHP Events compared to other membership types.
AHPrime Membership

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