Report on Giving and Benchmarking

What is the Report on Giving?

The Report on Giving is a publication that pulls data from a survey that AHP conducts on an annual basis. It is open to participants from any healthcare entity or system that raises healthcare related funds. At the end of the year, a full report is published on the survey findings, including summary data on total funds raised, return on investment, cost to raise a dollar, and other key industry metrics. AHP produces separate studies for Canada and the US.

No matter the size of your development program, data can be your strongest ally and most valuable asset. It can verify if your programs are headed in the right direction and where your team can make changes for greater success. Using data the right way also increases credibility with your C-suite, makes a compelling case to donors and sets clear expectations and goals for staff.

The 2021 Report on Giving is now available for purchase in the bookstore. Don't forget that survey participants and Prime members get a copy for free (a $495 value). Keep an eye on your inbox for access to your copy. 

How do I participate?

The 2021 Report on Giving survey will open on Monday, April 4th, 2022 and will remain open until Friday, June 24th, 2022. To get started, please forward this short form to your data team to complete. If you are your organization’s point of contact for the Report on Giving, fill out the form below with your name and details.

Once ready to submit your data, you can choose to fill out either the short version or the full version of the survey. The longer version will provide you with more detailed benchmarking data, while the mini version will require fewer data points. 

Who is allowed to participate?

Any foundation or philanthropic department that raises funds for healthcare (specifically for a hospital, healthcare system, or network) in the United States or Canada.

Why should I participate?

AHP’s Report on Giving survey is one of the few healthcare philanthropy benchmarking surveys of its kind. Unique to AHP, participants in the survey receive the following benefits:

  • Take home a free copy of the report to easily share the results with your team, board members, and donors (a $495 value!)
  • Access to your performance scorecard with premade comparison sets within the AHPrime benchmarking platform
  • Consideration for AHP High Performers status for 2022. AHP High Performers gain public recognition for their success and status as the best-of-the-best.

What does the published report look like?

The 2021 Report is now available for purchase below! If you're a Prime member or a participant, you get a free copy, so check your inboxes for access to your copy.  


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Member Price: $195.00
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 For questions about this year’s survey, please reach out to us at