Report on Giving & Benchmarking

ROG 2018

Performance Benchmarking: The Industry Standard

No matter the size of your development program, data can be your strongest ally and most valuable asset. It can verify if your programs are headed in the right direction and where your team can make changes for greater success. Using data the right way also increases credibility with your C-suite, makes a compelling case to donors and sets clear expectations and goals for staff.

2018 Report on Giving


ROG 2018 USA

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ROG 2018 Canada

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Benchmarking confirms where you’re on the right track and where there are areas of greatest opportunity by providing meaningful data to justify changes in strategy”
Deb Koski
Deb Koski, CFRE
Sr. Executive Director of Operations, Sanford Health Foundation
Member Since  2004

Get the Insight You Need

Each year, AHP surveys members and non-members alike to put together the most comprehensive charitable giving evaluation for health care philanthropy and fundraising.

Hospital foundations and foundation systems across the country participate in a short or long survey process. The results from these yearly disclosures are summarized in AHP’s Report on Giving. This report allows your organization to see consolidated industry benchmarks and match your performance against other hospitals in your country. AHP produces separate studies for Canada and the US.

Participate in the 2019 Report on Giving and Performance Benchmarking Database

We will accept data for the 2019 Report on Giving (covering FY18 results) beginning in the spring of 2019. For AHP member institutions, participating in any form of the survey entitles you to a free copy of the Report on Giving. Institutions that are not members get a discounted copy of the Report on Giving.

To enroll to participate in the survey, please contact for more information about the survey process.

Performance Benchmarking Database

Beyond the dozen items in the Report on Giving, AHP offers online access at two levels to a Performance Benchmarking database. You can access aggregated data about other hospitals and healthcare philanthropies to create comparisons using dozens of metrics. You can generate custom reports as you assess your program and make choices about investments.

Both the final Report on Giving and the database arm your team with the insight it needs to develop and maintain a successful fundraising strategy.

  Survey Participation: 
The starting point for all benchmarking
Basic Subscription:
Add comparison groups and selected data fields for guiding performance

Advanced Subscription:
Additional performance metrics by fundraising program and more

Performance Scorecard
Access to comparison group data by variables such as by number of staffed beds, size of fundraising staff, or institution’s Net Patient Service Revenue
Overall metrics with 5-Year trends, total production, CTRD, and ROI  
Survey Summary Data, based on organization’s choices (e.g. salary fields can be hidden)  
Performance metrics by program:
  • Annual giving
  • Major gifts
  • Corporate/foundation gifts
  • Planned giving
  • Government grants
  • Special events
Survey data by:
  • Direct and indirect HR
  • Non-labor operational expenses
  • Gifts received/expected
  • Constituency giving
  • Use of funds
Pricing Free to all participants $695 for members
$995 for non-members
$1,295 for members
$1,595 for non-members

For an additional consulting fee, AHP staff are available to generate custom reports for you and create slideshows for your use. Email us to request more information about customer services.

What Information is Collected? 


Blank versions of the short and long surveys are available here. Both versions collect the top-level metrics for fundraising systems, such as revenue, fundraising expenses, and fundraising results.

The webinar on the right will help you along as you fill out the survey. 

Still need help? There is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the survey.