July 17-22, 2022 | Madison, WI

Madison Institute 2022

Take part in the one-of-a-kind "Madison experience" and get all the knowledge you need to succeed in healthcare fundraising

A Year's Worth of Learning in Less Than a Week

The AHP Madison Institute offers healthcare development professionals an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share, and develop connections, as well as make life-long professional contacts in a supportive and highly targeted learning environment. It’s a year’s worth of learning in just five days. With eight full course tracks and two mini tracks, choose a track that offers solutions and answers to best ensure your current and future success.


Prestigious Faculty Members

You’ll be guided by faculty members who are the best and brightest in healthcare development. They will serve as your resource and will be available to answer questions and provide expert advice about your career and work goals. 


Earn Graduate Business Certificates and CFRE Credits

The Madison Institute is sponsored by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Business. Once you successfully complete the coursework, you’ll receive a certificate from the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Business and AHP. Additionally, you’ll earn up to 26 CFRE credits that count toward the CFRE professional credential.


  • There's a lot of people that will come back after they've gone to year one, they want to come back for year two and year three, that's a testament to the value they get out of (the Madison Institute).”
    David Gillig
    David Gillig, FAHP
    Former Dean, Fundraising Management
    Member Since  1982
  • I always go back to Madison as the experience that has made the most significant difference in my career, in my profession and will continue to do that. ”
    Doug Dillon
    Doug Dillon, CFRE
    Dean, Major Gift Initiatives and the Campaign
    Member Since  1996
  • Madison is unlike any other experience. You can go back (to your classmates) at any juncture and get advice and support. It isn't just about the time that we're together, but it creates a career-long fraternity.”
    Shannon Duval
    Shannon Duval
    Dean, Elements of Major Gifts
    Member Since  2004
  • Anyone who comes to Madison will leave with unbelievable knowledge, they'll leave with new friendships, they'll leave with renewed friendships and they'll also know where to turn when they need any answer to any question.”
    Sharon A. Jones, FAHP, CFRE
    Chair, AHP University-based Programs
    Member Since  2005