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2021-22 AHP Webinar Series: Request for Proposals

The call for proposals for the 2021-22 AHP Webinar Series is now open!

Submit a Proposal

The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) Webinar Series provides high quality educational content on specific topics in healthcare philanthropy away from the office. AHP is seeking educational proposals that emphasize best practices and are based on real life experiences.

AHP encourages you to submit proposals that share creative and new approaches to everyday issues in healthcare philanthropy with a focus on building the knowledge and skills of engaged attendees.

When considering a proposal, potential speakers are encouraged to explore the following questions: 

  • What’s the very best, most thought-provoking idea I’ve ever implemented?
  • Do I have new techniques for major gift solicitation?
  • How am I creatively using social media to reach out to donors/employees/physicians?
  • Do I have a new model of an annual giving program to share?
  • Can I present a fresh look on a leadership topic?
  • How does my organization generate and/or implement fresh ideas?

Proposal Selection:

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Proposed webinars will be reviewed and selected quarterly. AHP is currently seeking proposals for webinars to take place from July-October 2021.

AHP has many years of experience programming exceptional webinars and educational sessions at international conferences. Selected AHP staff members will review proposals, weighing in with feedback, to ensure content is strategically aligned and strikes a balance between new and veteran speakers for the 2021-22 Webinar Series.

Topic Areas:

As you develop your proposal, please consider the following topics, which are focus areas for the 2020-2021 Webinar Series. While proposals may address more than one topic area, you must select one topic area as the best fit.

  • Career Development
  • Major Giving
  • Grateful Patient Programs
  • Special Events
  • Planned Giving
  • Annual Giving
  • Digital Fundraising
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Leadership and Management
  • Volunteer/Board Involvement
  • Transformational Giving
  • Clinician Engagement
  • Managing Affiliations (Systems, Mergers, Acquisitions)
  • Philanthropy Operations (Data, Analytics, Prospect Research, Stewardship, Finance)
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention

Professional Pathways:

AHP’s Professional Pathway educational framework organizes content into three knowledge levels. For learning programs, these levels relate to prerequisite learner knowledge, instructional techniques, and complexity of the learning objectives.

  • Baseline (fundamental, 0-3 years): Courses provide broad information, awareness and understanding of a topic with limited or no prior knowledge or experience of the subject required. They transfer new information without substantial prerequisite knowledge to process or use it. This level is appropriate for employees or managers with limited experience of the subject area seeking to learn fundamentals, mid-career managers and directors looking to fill in gaps to solidify their skill set and individuals new to the field before or after a career change.
  • Specialist (applied, 3-8 years): Courses focus on extensive application, comprehension, and implementation with in-depth material or explanation by the instructor, preparing learners to exhibit a definitive skill. They are highly interactive, including case studies and assessment measures and require the learner to be more engaged, interacting with the material and using the information in practical applications, and therefore require some prerequisite knowledge. This level is appropriate for individuals with some knowledge and experience in the subject area, individuals who are mid-level managers and directors in their fields with an established degree of competence and for those seeking to build on, apply or enhance existing knowledge.
  • Executive (strategic, 8+ years): Courses focus on high-level creativity, innovation and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing around of highly technical or detailed topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy and aid in the growth or progress of industry best practices. The course material and activities focus on problem identification, analysis and solutions while emphasizing risk-taking, autonomy and opportunities for exploration. Objectives may be to enhance the learner’s ability to lead change, manage high-performing teams, and develop leadership throughout their organizations. This level is appropriate for senior staff, executives and officers with significant knowledge and experience who could be deemed an expert in the field.

Guidelines for Potential Speakers:

  • All proposals must be submitted using the online form, no exceptions.
  • All content leaders and co-leaders must be listed. Intentionality is critical in providing a quality learning experience, including the expertise of instructors. Proposed content leaders will be reviewed prior to acceptance.
  • Use clear, error free language. Session and workshop proposals require clear and concise titles (limit 10 words), persuasive outcomes-focused descriptions and three action-oriented and well-thought-out learning objectives/take-aways that answer the prompt “after this participants will be able to…” AHP retains the right to modify titles and descriptions during copy editing for marketing purposes.
  • Avoid all commercial bias. Sessions perceived by participants as commercially biased in content (including use of proprietary tools/models) will not be accepted. Any submission that is not educational in nature, neutral and unbiased, replicable by participants without the author’s assistance, and free of commercial motive/intent will not be accepted.
  • Peer-driven education. Affiliate members of AHP, who represent the for-profit organizations such as consultants and vendors who are active in health care philanthropy, are welcome to submit session proposals. However, each affiliate member must have at least one practitioner co-presenter. Failure to follow this policy may affect future speaking opportunities.
  • All accepted content leaders must adhere to deadlines. You must be committed and responsive to working with AHP to deliver exceptional service by adhering to deadlines.


Email education@ahp.org or call 703-538-3141 with any questions about the submission process.