March 31 - April 2, 2020 | Chicago, IL

Leading Forward 2020

The AHP Leading Forward Executive Summit is designed for chief development officers, executive directors, and other executive leaders in health care philanthropy.

2019 Leading Forward Videos

Get excited for the 2020 Leading Forward Executive Summit by taking a look back at what we learned during Leading Forward 2019. These recorded Spotlight Sessions explore several ways healthcare organizations have turned to philanthropy to drive success.

How Leading with Philanthropy Created New Partnerships for Community Health

Leading Forward 2019 MLK Foundation
Elaine Batchlor, MD, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital
Dyan Sublett, President, MLK Community Health Foundation
Moderated by Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, President and Principal Consultant, Accordant Philanthropy

No partnership is more important than the CDO/CEO relationship in achieving transformational results. Dr. Elaine Batchlor, CEO of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital and Dyan Sublett, Foundation President, share what their partnership looks like from the inside—how it evolved, how it works, how it unlocked unprecedented gifts to the South Los Angeles community. Their partnership is the key factor in the success of a hospital—now a health care delivery system—that went from being known as “Killer King” to “The Hospital of the Future.”

How Gratitude Can Increase Patient Satisfaction and Clinician Engagement

Leading Forward 2019 MedStar Health
Bruce Bartoo, CFRE, Chief Philanthropy Officer, MedStar Health
Stuart Levine, MD, FACP, President and Chief Medical Officer, MedStar Harbor Hospital
Moderated by Mark McCampbell, CFRE, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Advancement Resources

This dynamic session explores the ideals of a strong partnership between chief philanthropy and chief medical officers, with an additional twist because Dr. Levine is also a hospital president. As a result, the content and dialogue challenges traditional thinking on how philanthropy leaders can maximize partnerships across medical and executive leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion in Advancement: Changing Behaviors and Outcomes

Leading Forward 2019 Diversity and Inclusion
Keith Tribble, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Health Foundation
Moderated by Angelique Grant, Senior Consultant, Aspen Leadership Group

“I wish I could build a more diverse board, recruit more diverse leaders and hire a more diverse advancement staff, but there just aren’t enough qualified people.” False assumptions like this create barriers to progress for healthcare advancement leaders, their teams, their donors, and ultimately the populations they serve. Keith Tribble of the Jackson Health Foundation and Angelique Grant from Aspen Leadership Group discuss recent research on diversity and inclusion and charge to leaders to reflect: “Why is this important to me and my organization?” They debunk common myths about diverse donors and advancement talent that prevent organizations from making sustainable progress that leads to transformative impact. And they outline specific strategies that leaders can use to move from awareness of diversity and inclusion toward changes in behavior and outcomes.

Transforming a Foundation from Administering Community Grants to a Public Charity

Leading Forward 2019 Carilon Clinic
Nicholas C. Conte, Esq., Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Carilon Clinic
Kay Strickland, Chief Development Officer, Carilon Clinic
Moderated by Jim Lyddy, Senior Vice President, Graham-Pelton LLC

Twelve years ago, Carilion Clinic made the strategic decision to transform from a collection of hospitals to a physician-led, integrated health care system and created a robust partnership with Virginia Tech to open a medical school and research institute.As part of that evolution, the Carilion Foundation changed its mission from awarding community grants to generating community support for Carilion Clinic. This session explores the challenges and opportunities this transformation has presented and how staff and leadership have worked together to reinvent the foundation.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Philanthropy

Leading Forward 2019 Mergers and Acquisitions panel
Armando Chardiet, President, Atrium Health Foundation
Fran Petonic, CFRE, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, Trinity Health Foundation
Randy Varju, FAHP, CFRE, President, AdvocateAurora Health Foundations
Moderated by Page Bullington, President and General Manager, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions

This session brings together content and conversation that focuses on forward-looking relationships, as well as solution and technology strategies to serve the philanthropic needs of health care organizations particularly focused on systemization and regionalization. Participants share their perspectives on industry trends, common challenges and opportunities to help advance health care.

Speaking the Same Language: How Hospital Finance and the Foundation Can Build a Stronger Relationship

Leading Forward 2019 AdventHealth
David Collis, President, AdventHealth Foundation Central Florida
Todd Goodman, Chief Financial Officer, AdventHealth Central Florida Foundation
Moderated by Donna Bandelloni, Senior Consulting Associate, Heaton Smith Group, LLC

David and Todd discuss how hospital finance and the foundation can speak the same language, agree to fundraising goals driven by donor pipelines and meaningful metrics and ensure the foundation is focusing on the hospital’s top strategic initiatives.