Tuesday, August 6, 13, 20, and September 3, 10

Gift Officer Masterclass

High-performance donor relationship building and stewardship

About the Course

Tuesday, August 6, 13, 20, and September 3, 10, 2024

2-3 pm ET / 11am – 12 pm PT 

Virtual / Zoom 

How do you develop more meaningful, deeper relationships with prospects and donors? It takes time and effort, but it can be done. During this five-part series, we will break down the details of every step of the process. From how to maximize your planning for the year, through the keys to relationship building, all the way into “re-cultivating” people during stewardship, this series is built to help build up a gift officer and build out their success. Each session will delve deep into process and tactics that can used immediately by gift officers in small and large shops alike. This series is an expanded version of a gift officer learning lab that was the highest-rated session at the 2023 AHP International Conference. Bring your fundraising game to new heights by participating in this live virtual course! 

All sessions will be recorded, and by registering, you will automatically receive the recordings following each session.

Session Descriptions
August 6
Building Out Your Annual Metrics for Success
You hear about them…but how do you do it? How do you, individually or as a team, build out specific, credible, inspiring, yet realistic metrics? This session will introduce a proven process and procedures that you can use immediately. We’ll discuss how goals and measurement lead to greater success, inspire confidence from leadership, and engage team members to own results.
August 13
Calls and Quals
No one likes it…that first call or meeting. We’ll discuss proven ways to get the appointment, goals for that meeting, and how to use the art of inquiry to set a successful path. This session will provide specific tactics, language, and scripts to help gift officers overcome concerns and fears.
August 20
Cultivating and Controlling the Relationship
They are interested…. Now what? How do you move a prospect toward an ask? How many meetings? Who else is involved? What does it sound like? After this session, gift officers will have a much better understanding of how to control the process and get prospects to a formal solicitation. We’ll discuss processes and methods, efficiencies, controlling the process, and when to bless and release prospects.
September 3
Asking…. And Closing
It is the great fear of so many…but it can be so easy! This session will talk about the importance of setting up a great solicitation—and then how to do it. We’ll discuss who should be involved, timing, and methods. But what is sometimes never discussed is the issue of actually closing. Learn some of the best philanthropic techniques about getting donors to say “yes!”
September 10
Stewardship Big and Small
The gift is in…go ahead and celebrate! But wait: isn’t the best “next gift” from the people who have already given you donations before? YES! What happens in stewardship, either as an office or individually, can be the difference in a 2nd or 3rd gift. This session will show you a systematic approach as well as an individual’s efforts to steward donors right into their next gift.

About the Facilitator

Randall (HiRes)

Randall Hallett 

CEO and Founder

Hallett Philanthropy 

Randall Hallett is the CEO and Founder of Hallett Philanthropy, a full-service philanthropy consulting firm. Having spent his entire career in philanthropy, Randall has a passion for helping organizations seek funding to meet their mission, and believes giving is good for one’s emotional and physical well-being. 

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