AHPrime Membership

AHP's newest membership, AHPrime, brings you exclusive content, access, and tools to help you take your organization's philanthropy programs to the next level. Learn more about how AHPrime can equip you and your team to best fundraise in this growing competitive environment.

About AHPrime

For years, AHP members and non-members alike have talked about the need for our organization to step up the support of members, to lean into a data-driven approach, and to lead the profession with a more concentrated effort to deliver best-in-class education, networking and insights and analysis. We’ve combined all of these into AHPrime.

AHPrime expands on AHP’s greatest strength––the community––through access to AHP membership for everyone in your organization, roundtables of peer groups for you, and professional development and best practices presentations delivered for your team at your organization or, as these times require, virtually. AHPrime also makes creating data-driven benchmarking cohorts easy, allowing you to give your C-Suite partners and boards insight into where you are doing well and where investment could return better results.

Learn more about each of the five categorical benefits below.

AHPrime Benefits

  • New Benchmarking Platform

  • Best Practice Research

  • AHPrime Leadership Roundtables

  • All-In Roster Access

  • Speakers Bureau

If you're interested in learning more about AHPrime and the benefits it can bring to your organization, please email Maddy Morris: maddy@ahp.org.