2020 40 Under 40 Winners

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Mallory Gompert

UCLA Health Sciences
Los Angeles, CA

Why is a 40 under 40 winner

  • In her time as the Executive Director of Development for the UCLA School of Dentistry, Mallory successfully led the school to achieving $38 million in funds raised during the Centennial Campaign for UCLA, which was 110% of goal. The campaign resulted in 5 new endowed chairs and 12 endowed scholarships. Fifty percent of gifts were from first-time donors. She managed these accomplishments in spite of a change in Dean mid-campaign.
  • Mallory was instrumental in advocating for an alumni affairs focus in the school of dentistry, establishing a new position to oversee this area for the school.
  • Today, Mallory leads three professional schools and UCLA's medical education priorities, with an annual fundraising goal of more than $21 million per year.

Q & A

1. How did you get into healthcare philanthropy?

I was raised with the ethos that when you have your health, you have everything. As a result, healthcare philanthropy drew me in as a profession because it provided a pathway for incredibly meaningful work in support of a mission I care deeply about.

2. Why did you choose to make healthcare philanthropy your career?

I continue to choose a career in healthcare philanthropy because I get to work with a world-class team at UCLA who is helping to train future and diverse leaders in medicine, nursing, dentistry, and public health, all while making sure the vulnerable communities we serve are living healthier and happier lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced my passion to help make healthcare accessible in communities across Los Angeles and beyond.

3. Tell us about a pivot point or crucial step in your career journey.

A pivotal point occurred in my career journey when a position at UCLA became available during the Centennial Campaign for UCLA, the most ambitious fundraising campaign ever launched by a public university at the time. I was fortunate to be hired by my alma mater during the quiet phase of the campaign, and to be able to experience incredible mentorship and opportunities for growth from both our academic and development leadership.

4. What was your first job, and what is something it taught you?

My first job was working as a swim instructor at a local YMCA. It taught me the importance of learning how to sink or swim, literally and figuratively.

5. What are your future aspirations?

One of my favorite things about working in healthcare philanthropy at one of the best academic medical centers in the nation is being surrounded by scholars, physicians, and philanthropists who are dedicated to generating new knowledge and implementing the highest standards of care. It is my aspiration to always be growing and moving forward in service to helping others to accomplish these goals.

Fun Fact:

I spent three months backpacking solo in Australia during my 20s, staying at international hostels, volunteering at a local art museum, and taking on new adventures such as scuba diving. As cheesy as it may sound, meeting new people from around the world taught me so much about humanity and solidified my confidence to follow my bliss.

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