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NEWS  /  10/21/2020
In a crowded digital world, influencers can help you cut through the noise to reach prospective donors.
NEWS  /  10/21/2020
Letter from AHP's President & CEO, Alice Ayres, announcing AHP's initiatives to incorporate DEIB in all aspects of its work.
NEWS  /  10/15/2020
A recent report from Blackbaud Institute uncovers what you can learn from previous recessions about how to succeed in this one.
NEWS  /  10/07/2020
MedStar Health's philanthropy program excels by educating everyone from physicians to staff on the power of gratitude.
NEWS  /  09/30/2020
Success stories and advice for your virtual event strategy from our industry and beyond.
NEWS  /  09/23/2020
Experts at fundraising firm Blakely shed light on how to connect with pandemic donors, and what their emergence tells us about planning for 2021 and beyond.
NEWS  /  09/15/2020
Alice Ayres shares what makes new Covid donors tick and how to connect with them.
NEWS  /  09/11/2020
Major gift officers need to engage people across the organization to build fruitful relationships with donors.

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