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CEO Corner: The Impact of AHP's 40 Under 40 Inaugural Class

Alice Ayres, MBA
Published:  03/19/2019

As we begin the nomination process for our next class of 40 Under 40 award recipients, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the remarkable statistics from our inaugural class. They are an impressive group. Here are a few highlighted achievements from last year’s award recipients:

  • 56 advanced degrees or certifications, including one FAHP and 16 CFREs
  • Fluent in six languages in addition to English
  • Involved as a volunteer in over 100 organizations, including active engagement with AHP

But they’re not done yet! As you might expect from such an energetic group of leaders, this class is on their way to making real impact on all of us within the AHP membership in two exciting ways. 

One group will be participating in a research survey about their careers and successes, and how they have forged the paths they are on to become such stars. With this research, they hope to share their own experiences with those who are new to the profession to help them succeed faster than even this cohort did.

Another group will be launching “Local Lunches” – quarterly meetings of AHP members in the seven AHP regions. These lunches are designed to give members an opportunity to get to know their neighbor colleagues and to discuss topics chosen by the group in attendance over lunch.  Look for these to begin this summer.

I am so thankful to this incredible group, and I look forward to getting many nominations for the 2019 class!

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Alice Ayres, MBA
President and CEO
Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

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