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Our Top Reads for Virtual Event Planning Inspiration

Jenny Love
Published:  09/30/2020
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As we begin settling in for the long haul in our new-normal routines, one thing is becoming clear: the days of the ritzy annual gala are over for the time being, and foundations will increasingly need to rely on virtual events to build awareness for the needs of our organizations. But holding a successful virtual event can seem daunting when you’re used to booking bands and picking out caterers.

We’ve assembled our top 3 most-read articles on virtual events to help take the anxiety out of making the pivot to a virtual event calendar.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Event (Even If You’ve Never Done One Before)

A bit of inspiration goes a long way, and VNA Health Group in New Jersey has a great success story. With just three weeks of lead time and only modest experience in planning virtual events, foundation leaders pulled off an online alternative for their annual young professionals’ gala that raised more than double the gala’s $40,000 goal. Learn from their experience and get advice for planning your own virtual event in this article from AHP Connect.

Building a Virtual Fundraising Action Plan

This guide from DonorDrive gives you 6 ideas for types of virtual events to consider now and as you look ahead to plan your 2021 event strategy. 

How One NYC Foundation Took Their Signature Event Virtual

For another success story, check out Northwell Health. When Northwell Health was forced to cancel its annual fundraising walk in New York City in May, the foundation needed to think creatively to sustain participant and sponsor revenue from the event. Northwell combined its virtual event with a peer-to-peer campaign and digital advertising to reach a national audience, yielding a 6:1 return on investment and almost $900,000 in donations to fight Covid-19. 

Resources from Around the Web

Anyone who plans events, whether within healthcare fundraising or outside it, is struggling with the same sea change in their event strategy. As always, the internet is a treasure trove of advice, from tips from Forbes’ Communications Council to innovative virtual event ideas from the event planning industry to virtual swag. Take some time to read what others are doing, and you’ll surely hit upon some ideas that you can take and make your own.

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