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The AHP Standards Manual Update Process

In 2012, AHP published its reporting standards in the AHP Standards Manual for Reporting and Communicating Effectiveness in Health Care Philanthropy. Containing peer-established definitions and consistent rules for industry reporting, the Standards Manual gives health care fundraisers a better way to communicate philanthropic impact to boards, executive teams, donors and the public.

The AHP Standards Council has been working to update and release a second edition of the Standards Manual. The Standards Council has identified 18 potential changes to the manual, which all AHP members are invited to review and share their thoughts during a Comment Period, in order to help the Council make a final decision on each proposed change. 

The Solicitation Period has ended, and we are now accepting comments on the Notice of Proposed Changes document from November 9th, 2018 to December 10th, 2018. A link to this document can be found below. 

Notice of Proposed Changes

Standards Revision

Comment Period

Submit a Comment about Proposed Changes to the AHP Standards Manual

Questions or comments on the standards? Email ahp@ahp.org.

Full procedures for submissions and consideration of proposed changes to the standards can be found here

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