COVID-19 Benchmarking Study

What is the COVID-19 Benchmarking Study?

To better understand the financial impact that COVID-19 is having on the healthcare philanthropy industry, and in the hope that any insights will be informative for the future, AHP has developed a survey to analyze fundraising goals versus the actual amount of money raised. We're aiming to provide trends stemming back to October 2019, and will continue to collect data on a monthly basis. You'll then receive an email once a month with the results. 

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Want to participate and gain new insights?

Every month, we will email you the unique link to your organization's survey. You will have two weeks to submit your data from the previous month. If you need help locating your survey link, email We are currently collecting July data until Monday, August 17thBased on the volume of responses, insights from this round will include trends on the following: 

  • Percent of total funds raised to goal
  • Percent of funds raised to goal for major gifts and annual gifts
  • The relationships between fundraising expense budget and percent of funds raised
  • The relationships between net patient service revenue/gross operating revenue and percent of funds raised
  • Other helpful insights based on the data collected.

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What have we learned so far?

You can view results from the first round of data collection below. These insights represent data collected in June 2020 on revenue activities from October 2019 to May 2020. If you did not participate in the previous rounds of data collection and would like to retroactively contribute, email

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