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AHP publishes the Healthcare Philanthropy journal twice a year for its members and others who share an interest in health care fundraising. This peer-reviewed publication mails in the spring and fall. The journal includes ideas and methods for creating successful development programs, analyses of the current health care environment, projections of future trends and more.

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Spring 2020 Issue Overview

 Healthcare Philanthropy Journal Spring 2020 Cover

AI and the Future of Philanthropy
By Nathan Chappell and James Green

Although artificial intelligence has had tremendous effects on almost every industry, its use in the nonprofit sector has been limited. Embracing this technology can make a substantial impact on health care philanthropy by identifying individuals who are prepared and eager to support institutional priorities. (Page 10)

Finding the Perfect Novice
By Sarah Fawcett-Lee, CFRE and Rachel Fournier, MPA

In an environment where it is difficult to recruit and retain talented major gift officers, the authors look at a new model: hiring the nontraditional candidate. The article is a case study in recruiting to fill this important position. (Page 14)

The Power of Blended Gifts in the Second Golden Age of Philanthropy
By Matt Miller, CFRE, CSPG

Sixty-seven million members of the baby boomer generation are entering their prime philanthropic years and are projected to donate up to $8 trillion over the next two decades. How can philanthropy prepare for the coming era of blended giving? (Page 20)

Connecting Patient Care and Philanthropy
By Lidia Toledo, MSN, MSHCM, RN-BSN, CNS, CPHQ, and Paola Villar Werstler

The patient relations program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has evolved to assist board members and high-level donors. It serves as an example for building a partnership between patient relations and development to create a culture of gratitude. (Page 30)

Be an Influential Storyteller
By Colin Ryan

A message has to be memorable to connect with a listener and make an impression. Learn strategic methods for reframing challenging subjects to engage strangers in open and hopeful conversations. (Page 34)

Four Opportunities to Boost Your Organization to High Performance
By Jasmine Jones

Each year, AHP publishes its Report on Giving to showcase the best performers in the United States and Canada. This year, we also talk to five representatives from those on the list for insights on how to model practices to help elevate the performance of the entire profession. (Page 39)

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Submission Guidelines

Submissions with original research and examples from multiple case studies are strongly encouraged. First-person "success stories" that report on activities and campaigns also are welcome – however, they must be well documented and specific. For example, articles on fundraising activities should cite the cost-per-dollar raised, the number or percentage of donors increased or upgraded, etc.

Scholarly and academic articles are encouraged, but must be adapted for general interest readership. For example, a Masters' Thesis will not be accepted, but an article based on findings from a Masters' Thesis is welcome.

All submissions must be original. Previously published materials (including materials posted on Web sites) or those under consideration by another publication will not be accepted. Association membership is not a prerequisite for submission. Co-authorship is permitted.

Articles cannot endorse or promote specific vendors or product names – any such references should be replaced with descriptive terminology, for example, “data mining software.” The only exceptions that will be made are for products that have become generally accepted as industry terms, such as “Moves Management.”

Submissions that do not meet the guidelines will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the AHP Journal Advisory Council Chair before being sent to the Advisory Council for review.

Authors receive no remuneration or reimbursement for the expense of preparing articles. Articles published in Healthcare Philanthropy by individual or institutional association members become eligible for an annual award decided by the AHP Journal Advisory Council.

All accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of AHP and may not be published elsewhere without the permission of the author and AHP.

Article Details

Editorial decisions are based on relevancy and interest to AHP members, quality of writing, editorial balance and space constraints.

Articles should be submitted by email. Please attach an editable text document (Microsoft Word preferred). Graphics and charts should be submitted as separate electronic files (graphics should be saved as JPG or GIF files) in addition to being embedded in the text document.

Articles should be 1,000 to 3,000 words, and must be double-spaced, using Times New Roman, size 12 font. In addition, they should be well organized, tightly written, and free of grammatical, spelling, and factual errors. Authors are requested to use endnotes, not footnotes, and to fully note all sources.

A cover letter and 50-word biography should accompany all manuscripts.

AHP will edit articles accepted for publication to fit available editorial space and in keeping with AHP's style guide. Authors will have the opportunity to review the edited copy prior to publication. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work, including changes made by AHP editors and approved by the authors.

If a manuscript is accepted, the author will then be asked to submit a color, high resolution "head-shot" photo to accompany the article in the publication.

Additional Information

For more specific information, contact AHP at Also consult previous issues of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Article Submission

Please submit your article as an email attachment to You will receive an email confirmation of receipt within two business days.

2019 AHP Journal Award Winner

AHP 2019 International Conference - Journal Award Jolene Francis

Congratulations to Jolene Francis, CFRE for winning the AHP Journal Award for her article, "The Crisis Pivot: Fundraising Disaster Planning. Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire" featured in the Fall 2019 issue of the AHP Healthcare Philanthropy Journal. 

Healthcare Philanthropy Journal Award


Sponsored by Brakeley Briscoe Inc., the Healthcare Philanthropy Journal Award recognizes the people who have given their time to improve the profession by writing articles for the journal. The winner is selected by the AHP Journal Advisory Council from the spring and fall issues of each year and is recognized at the annual AHP International Conference. 

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Healthcare Philanthropy seeks articles on all aspects of health care development and philanthropy. These include, among others:

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