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Clinician Engagement

Getting clinicians and other healthcare workers engaged in identifying grateful patients is both challenging and critical to the success of any grateful patient philanthropy program. The materials below give practical tips for building strong relationships with clinicians, making them feel comfortable with grateful patient fundraising practices, and giving clinicians the training and tools they need to succeed.

Grateful Patient
Mini Course

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Our four-part intensive gives a deep look into all aspects of grateful patient philanthropy

Changing the Culture of Grateful Patient Giving


Use a “philanthropy champion” to bridge the gap between physicians and grateful patients

How to Engage Hospital Staff in Philanthropy


Learn how University of Vermont Medical Center built engagement with staff beyond physicians


Engaging Physicians in Philanthropy: 12 Years Later


A doctor-turned-fundraiser shares tips for collaborating with physicians

Championing Our Grateful Patient Programs

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How to find and develop collaborative relationships with clinician partners

Responding to

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Tactics to engage caregivers to receive and respond to gratitude as part of their role

Beyond the Physician: Engaging Hospital Staff In Philanthropy

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How to work with hospital staff to create a grant program for patient families

Engaging Physicians and Grateful Patients

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Reinvent your idea of a capital campaign using grateful patient philanthropy concepts

Grateful Patient and Faculty Partnerships

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A case study of the grateful patient program at the University of Colorado, Anschutz

Using a Team-Based Approach for Clinician Engagement

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How to create a philanthropy academy and use it to build a culture of gratitude

Next-Level Ally and Patient-Focused Philanthropy

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How to partner with all clinicians to increase gift size and decrease time to close

Your Next Grateful Patient Program Investment


A "philanthropy academy" gives clinicians the tools they need to be gratitude evangelists

The Science

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How and why to install a Gratitude, Compassion, and Empathy program for clinicians