Mini Course: Gratitude-Inspired Philanthropy

Learn about this important topic in our four-part, on-demand series

About the Course

This on-demand, self-paced course focuses on building a program of gratitude-inspired philanthropy, designed to help organizations deepen their relationships with donors and create a culture of giving and appreciation.

Through a series of interactive modules, participants will learn about the principles and practices of gratitude-inspired philanthropy, and how to apply these principles to their fundraising efforts. Topics covered in the course include inspiring C-suite leaders to embrace gratitude-based philanthropy, collaborating with clinical colleagues, and leveraging gratitude to build stronger donor relationships and increase giving.

Whether you're a fundraising professional looking to enhance your skills, or an organization seeking to create a more meaningful and effective fundraising program, this course offers valuable insights and practical tools for building a culture of gratitude and generosity.

Full participation in the Gratitude-Inspired Philanthropy mini course is applicable for 4.0 points in Category 1.B -Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification 

Understanding How Philanthropy and Gratitude Can Transform Your Healthcare Organization 

This session will explore the notion of contemporary best-practices in what has historically been referenced as “grateful patient fundraising” but is now becoming known as innovative philanthropy that is inspired and powered by patient, family, and community gratitude. Learn how to create an innovative philanthropy program and inspire clinicians to partner with the philanthropy team to ensure patients and families have appropriate opportunities to express their gratitude in meaningful ways, including through philanthropic investments. 

Special guest: Alice Ayres, president and CEO of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy 

Inspiring Leadership to Embrace An Innovative Philanthropy Model Powered by Gratitude 

Learn from experts in healthcare philanthropy about how they have created partnerships and recruited C-suite champions to advance innovative philanthropy programs. This session will provide tools and techniques that will serve to positively reframe how your organization views the role of the philanthropy team while also motivating you to identify and recruit the most logical champions to advance your innovative program.    

Special guests: Sarah Fawcett-Lee, FAHP, senior vice president and chief philanthropy officer, and Chrisie Scott, chief marketing officer, from Virtua Health 

Building Successful Gratitude Program Collaboration with Clinical Colleagues 

Collaboration and partnership are key attributes of an innovative philanthropy program. As part of this special session, please extend a complimentary invitation to one or two senior colleagues from your patient experience and from your clinician wellbeing teams to explore the new-found value a culture of gratitude will bring to your healthcare organization – enhancing patient and family experience and reducing clinician burnout – all while expanding your philanthropy revenue results.  

Participants will be strongly encouraged to invite colleagues from patient experience and clinician wellbeing to attend this session. 

Implementing and Activating a Culture of Gratitude that Creates Impactful Value in Your Organization 

During this final session in the education series, participants will be guided through the creation of an implementation plan and timeline that will serve as the framework for initiating and enhancing a culture of gratitude in their organization. One of the most important elements of this plan will be a strategic innovation roadmap that will empower all philanthropy colleagues to become experts in gratitude-inspired philanthropy program leadership and advocacy. Prepare for incredible results from this series! 

Special guest: A surprise guest presenter will share a gratitude-inspired story.

Meet your instructor

Bruce Headshot 
Bruce Bartoo

President & Chief Gratitude Officer at Gratitude Health Group 

With nearly 30 years of professional experience as a healthcare philanthropy executive, Bruce A. Bartoo, MPA, CFRE is intensely focused on unleashing the power of gratitude to enhance healthcare and create much deeper respect for patients, families, and community members – bringing previously unrealized value to healthcare organizations. Having created and perfected an innovative “culture of gratitude” in his most recent executive role as the Senior Vice President & Chief Philanthropy Officer at MedStar Health, Bruce led an expert team of professionals that envisioned and implemented a focused strategy to create awareness around the power of patient and family gratitude, growing philanthropic support from $19 million in annual revenue to $115 million. Now providing professional counsel in the healthcare industry, Bruce is working to assist colleagues in transforming healthcare philanthropy while also enhancing patient experience and reducing clinician burnout – all through harnessing the incredible power of gratitude in healthcare.

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