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The interests and behaviors of hospital donors continue to evolve at a rapid pace
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The interests and behaviors of hospital donors continue to evolve at a rapid pace - and your foundation must adapt and evolve accordingly to succeed. As we begin to emerge from the COVID pandemic amid economic uncertainty, the importance of using data to drive your donor engagement strategy is more critical than ever.

Join us for an exclusive look at the 2nd annual Digital Fundraising Benchmark Report for Hospitals. You’ll gather insights and actionable takeaways from leading health systems across the country on how to use data to grow your revenue, engage your audiences and transform your foundation into an organization that thrives in the modern healthcare era. We’ll also look back to last year and identify year-to-year trends that you can use to strengthen your fundraising operations for the year to come. 

This report, developed in partnership by AHP and Digital Health Strategies, is designed exclusively with hospital foundations in mind using data gathered from health systems of all sizes across the country. It specifically highlights insights and metrics that can help hospital foundations strengthen their fundraising and digital operations. 


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