High Performers

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We're giving you more chances to be a high performer. 

For the 2019 Report on Giving, AHP is recognizing even more high performers! Traditionally, AHP has awarded the top 25% of all reporting organizations in net production returns. We will continue to award high performer status to these organizations. New in 2019, AHP will also recognize high performers in each of the following entity types as measured by net production revenue: 

  • Systems
  • Community hospitals
  • Teaching/Academic hospitals
  • Tertiary hospitals
  • Long-term care/hospice/home care entities
  • Children’s hospitals

High performers will be notified of their status in fall 2019.

What benefits do high performers receive?

  • Promotion on AHP’s website
  • A listing in the 2020 Spring journal
  • Promotion at the 2019 AHP Annual International Conference
  • A copy of the 2019 Report on Giving executive summary
  • A letter of recognition sent by AHP President and CEO Alice Ayres to your hospital entity’s CEO
  • A free webinar to analyze how high performers stand out from the rest with testimonials from fellow high performers

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The data collection period for the 2019 Report on Giving survey has closed. The 2020 Report on Giving survey will open in the spring of 2020. 

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