40 Under 40

Carmen Shipley

St. Mary's Hospital Foundation
Grand Junction, CO

Why is a 40 under 40 winner

  1. She was named executive director of the St. Mary’s Foundation in 2012 at age 31.
  2. In 2017, she led the Foundation to the second-best fundraising total in its 50-year history.
  3. Carmen is a past president of the Junior Service League of Mesa County, in addition to holding other leadership positions with the organization.
  4. Carmen obtained her CFRE designation in 2008 at the age of 28. 

Q & A

  1. How did you get into health care philanthropy?

    Following college, I always knew I wanted to work in the not-for-profit sector.  I really had no idea that healthcare fundraising even existed!  After a few years in fundraising, an opportunity opened up with the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, and I jumped at the opportunity to work for an organization that has such a significant impact on so many lives in western Colorado.

  2. Why did you choose to make health care philanthropy your career?

    As the healthcare industry continues to face challenges, the importance of philanthropic dollars and their impact to our hospitals and patient care increases. I feel fortunate to play a small role in the lives of our patients that deserve the best care possible. 

  3. What has been the #1 factor in your career success so far?

    Being open and adaptable to change has allowed me to grow in my career.  The old adage that the only thing constant in life is change certainly rings true for healthcare.  I view moments of change as an opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge and experience.

  4. What is your greatest passion and why?

    I am passionate about giving back to my community.  I am fortunate that I am able to do this through my career, but also on a personal level.  I enjoy being part of community organizations such as Rotary and Junior Service League and contributing both time and funds that impact the lives of others.  I am especially passionate about involving my 12-year-old daughter as I believe it is important to teach children about the importance of giving-back whenever possible.

  5. What are your future aspirations?
  6. I aspire to exercise my creativity, connect with other professionals in my field, and always be open to trying new things, both professionally and personally.

Carmen Shipley

Fun Fact:

I own my own karaoke set-up with over 850 songs! You can often find me belting out tunes in my basement just for fun. Although I did perform karaoke in Nashville, checking off one of my bucket-list items!