40 Under 40

Melody Craggs

Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation
Alliston, ON

Why is a 40 under 40 winner

  1. She developed a comprehensive fund development strategy that led to a record-breaking year for the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation in 2017-18, more than doubling the previous year’s revenue.
  2. Melody has developed a detailed assessment tool the Foundation uses to track and compare benchmarks internally and to industry standards. As a result of her work, the Foundation has seen an improvement of 15% in their fundraising ratios.
  3. She currently serves as campaign manager for the biggest campaign in the Foundation’s history, a $35 million major capital campaign.
  4. She takes a lead role in the development of a training program for major gift volunteers to ensure their success with donor solicitation calls.

Q & A

  1. How did you get into health care philanthropy?

    I started my career with the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada, but after I had my first child I found it emotionally difficult to get to know so many children and their families that had debilitating and in some cases, terminal illnesses. I still wanted to help make a difference in the lives of people and to do something that helps so many people in the community.

  2. Why did you choose to make health care philanthropy your career?

    My experiences in health care philanthropy have given me the opportunity to see firsthand how much of an impact donations can make to the care that is provided close to home. The feeling I know I have helped to make that difference is something that keeps me motivated and driven to reach goals.

  3. What has been the #1 factor in your career success so far?

    The top contributing factor in my career success is my commitment and dedication to the foundation and causes I work for, as well as the ability to help educate philanthropists as to why supporting a health care institution is vital to the community. I continue to challenge myself to reach new goals and strive to always learn and grow.

  4. What is your greatest passion and why?

    My children, I have a 15 year old and a 4 year old and want them to grow up to value the importance of community and family. To know that they are never alone in the world and that everything they do will have an impact, either positive or negative, and that is something that they should always be mindful of.

  5. What are your future aspirations?
  6. To continue to be part of a team of passionate, dedicated individuals that work toward the betterment of the community and to help make it possible for health care professionals to continue to provide the best possible healthcare they can.

Melody Craggs

Fun Fact:

I am one of the founding five members of the Guardians of the Children Barrie Chapter and I am the Treasurer on the Board of Directors. I am also the team manager for a Junior Varsity Tier 2 Football Team and sit on the Board of Governors for the League “TNT Express Football” out of Beeton Ontario