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Missing AHP Emails?

Jordan English
Published:  05/27/2021

We’ve received feedback that some members are having difficulty receiving AHP email communications. We are taking steps to address the situation with our IT team and email service provider. In the interim, here is some easy troubleshooting you can also do.  

The first step is to search your spam or junk folder. Check to see if the missing message was misdirected there.

  • With Gmail, users can create rules to filter their emails into the right folders.
  • In Outlook, if an email has been incorrectly sent to your junk folder, you can remark it as “not junk” using the buttons in your “Home” bar. This will also help prevent future emails from also being flagged as "junk."

If you signed up to AHP with your work email address and don't see anything in a junk folder, you may need to involve your system administrator (usually the IT department). They can work with us to add our domain (ahp.org) to the Approved Sender Lists across your organization.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Marketing Team at communications@ahp.org.

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Jordan English
Chief Operating Officer
Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

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