Healthcare Philanthropy Internship Program

Paid Internships in Healthcare Philanthropy 

AHP and the African American Development Officers Network (AADO) are excited to launch the inaugural Healthcare Philanthropy Internship Program (HPIP).

We have partnered with member organizations to create this internship program for students in college or healthcare administration programs across the United States and Canada.  

Interns in this program will be paid and will be exposed to the work of philanthropy in healthcare through direct experience working with frontline fundraisers, operations and prospect research, clinicians, hospital administration, and donors themselves.  Interns will be assigned mentors and will be provided with AHP resources through a free AHP membership. Interns could potentially receive a full-time offer of employment at the end of the program.

Our long-term goal

To introduce people from all backgrounds to the profession of philanthropy to create a more diverse population of development professionals. This will help us reach our aims of equal representation and transformation within the healthcare philanthropy field.


Responsibilities of the Organization  

Each organization can host up to five interns and must commit to the following: 

  • Complete AADO training before the start of internships 
  • Develop a program of at least one and no more than six months 
  • Provide a full “curriculum” that allows interns to see the full continuum of work of a philanthropy professional, such as: 
  1. Operations and prospect research 
  2. Front-line fundraising 
  3. Event management 
  4. Ethics of healthcare fundraising (grateful patient, HIPAA, donor bill of rights, etc.) 
  5. Education about the business of healthcare 
  • Provide each intern a mentor within the organization  
  • Develop, in conjunction with the intern, a project specific to the intern that will allow them to “graduate” from the program with genuine experience to share with future recruiters, the AHP membership, and fellow students at their college or university 
  • Allow interns to attend AHP events and webinars 
  • Providing regular conversations about performance, career aspirations, career progression, etc., with managers 
  • Provide compensation to intern 
  • Complete an evaluation of their experience to be shared with AHP/AADO in order to strengthen the program in future years 

Responsibilities of the Intern  

Each intern will have different experiences as part of their internship, but all interns are responsible for: 

  • Completing AADO onboarding and orientation before the start of the internship  
  • Completing a project of importance to the organization that they can share with AHP and AADO members at conferences and via video to share with other potential interns 
  • Checking in with AHP/AADO regarding their experiences every other week.   
  • Demonstrating professional behavior throughout the internship, in alignment with the norms of the host organization 
  • Abiding by all organizational rules, including, but not limited to, patient privacy and other legal requirements 
  • Completing an evaluation of their experience to be shared with AHP/AADO in order to strengthen the program in future years 

Responsibilities of AHP and Partners  

There are many ways AHP and other partners can support the host organization and the interns, including: 

  • AHP will provide free student memberships for one year to all interns, allowing interns to access to all AHP webinars and most other content for free  
  • AHP will provide a complimentary registration at either Convene Canada or the International Conference for interns 
  • AHP will reserve space at Convene Canada or the International Conference for interns to share their projects with the AHP membership  
  • AADO will develop training for host organizations   
  • AADO will develop onboarding materials for interns to help them understand what to expect 

Current Internship Opportunities  

Want to Host an Intern?