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The Life Cycle of Our New Pandemic Hospital Donors

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Originally presented July 22, 2020

You’ve attracting hundreds or even thousands of donors to your hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, your success may be unprecedented.  But now what?

How are you going to keep these new donors engaged and connected – and giving? How can you sort who is a one-time donor and who will stay for the long-haul – through 2020 and beyond?  Who should you invest time and resources into and how do you anticipate the needs and connections as we move through contingency into recovery?

In this webinar, we will review the key areas of focus for hospital foundations to help you inspire these donors to give again, connect in a deeper way and stay with you.  

Through multiple examples and case studies, we will share how others have been facilitating on-boarding, bridging to mission priorities and engaging people to do more in preparation for Q4 and 2021.  We will demonstrate how your new donors, who have been inspired to your front-line cause during the COVID-19 crisis through multiple sources, are not like your previously new donors.  And we will demonstrate the key to donor experience, as so many have given through digital channels.

If you have been successful in attracting new supporters to your hospital, then you owe them and yourselves to do everything you can to increase your engagement with them, inspire them to give again and move into higher value giving.  Please join us for this important discussion about sustained long-term growth for your health care organization.


  • Kimberley Blease, Executive Vice President, Client Relationships, Blakely
  • Rachel Hunnybun, Senior Strategist, Blakely


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