July 21-25 | Madison, WI

Madison Institute

Take part in our week-long summer learning intensives on a variety of need-to-know topics

Earn Graduate Business Certificates and CFRE Credits

The Madison Institute is sponsored by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Business. Once you successfully complete the coursework, you’ll receive a certificate from the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Business and AHP. Additionally, you’ll earn CFRE credits that count toward the CFRE professional credential.

The Training Your Team Needs to Succeed

Almost two thirds of employees say professional development is a factor in why they choose to stay with their organization. Provide your team with the training they need at Madison Institute. 

Prestigious Faculty Members

You’ll be guided by faculty members who are the best and brightest in healthcare development. They will serve as your resource and will be available to answer questions and provide expert advice about your career and work goals

  • There's a lot of people that will come back after they've gone to year one, they want to come back for year two and year three, that's a testament to the value they get out of (the Madison Institute).”
    David Gillig
    David Gillig, FAHP
    Former Dean, Fundraising Management
    Member Since  1982
  • Madison is unlike any other experience. You can go back (to your classmates) at any juncture and get advice and support. It isn't just about the time that we're together, but it creates a career-long fraternity.”
    Shannon Duval
    Shannon Duval
    Chair Emerita, Madison Institute
    Member Since  2004

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