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NEWS  /  09/23/2020
Experts at fundraising firm Blakely shed light on how to connect with pandemic donors, and what their emergence tells us about planning for 2021 and beyond.
NEWS  /  09/15/2020
Alice Ayres shares what makes new Covid donors tick and how to connect with them.
NEWS  /  09/11/2020
Major gift officers need to engage people across the organization to build fruitful relationships with donors.
NEWS  /  08/31/2020
Starting a major gift program? Here's how to find the right people.
NEWS  /  08/19/2020
A recent study shows the successes and challenges of raising funds in economically challenged areas.
NEWS  /  08/19/2020
AHP's Video Contest is back! This year we want to spotlight the recent triumphs in our community by featuring your stories about COVID-19.
NEWS  /  08/13/2020
Over the past few years, ransomware attacks targeting healthcare institutions have increased significantly. In this list, we’ll cover potential next steps when faced with a ransomware attack.
NEWS  /  08/13/2020
Get tips on how to study and stay motivated from three AHP members and newly minted CFREs .