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4 Reads to Refresh Your Major Gift Program

Samantha Hunter
Published:  07/30/2021
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A major portion of a nonprofit’s donation revenue comes from major gifts -- or it should. If you’re a smaller shop, it might seem like you don’t need a major gift program or can’t afford a major gift officer. But if you don’t make the investment, you’ll be missing out on a major revenue stream. 

For nonprofits, 88% of total dollars raised come from 12% of donors, so focusing on major donors is incredibly important. To do this, you need to either establish a major gift program if you don’t already have one, or make sure that you’re doing everything you can to build a culture of success for the major gift officers you do work with. 

We’ve assembled our top-performing articles on every aspect of a successful major gift program. From major gift officers to major donors we have advice to help you get the most out of your major gift program. 

Five Must-Dos When Hiring a Major Gift Officer 

If you’re just starting the process of hiring a major gift officer, there are some must-dos to consider for hiring (and keeping) a major gift officer. Because such a large percentage of donations come from individuals, finding staff with the right skills to cultivate these relationships is crucial. This post outlines five things to consider when you’re hiring a major gift officer. 

Changing Interests of Major Donors 

It goes without saying that for major gift officers to be successful, they need to first understand how to properly engage with major donors. To do this effectively, it's important to make sure your major gift officer stays on top of their changing interests. Alice Ayres, president and CEO of AHP, shares a couple of trends to watch

4 Types of People Your Major Gift Officer Needs to Succeed

Typically the role of a gift officer is to set up strategy discussions between prospects and influential people at the organization and then they are responsible for the follow-up and solicitation. Dan Otto, a fundraising consultant at Marts & Lundy, shares the four types of people major gift officers need to establish a relationship with to do this successfully.  

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Gift Officer Management

If you already have an established major gift program, it might be time to bring a fresh perspective to the team. We’ve discussed time and time again, the power of data in everything from engaging with your donors to using it to help you meet fundraising goals. There’s also an opportunity to use data to set your gift officers, and in turn your organization, up for fundraising success that’s specific and measurable

See What Other Thought Leaders Are Saying

As always, the internet is a treasure trove of advice, from tips from Marts & Lundy on building a major gift program to understanding the 5 Phenomenal Traits in a Highly Effective Major Gift Officer to the ultimate guide to major gifts. Take some time to read what others are doing and what they recommend, and you’ll surely find some ideas that you can take and make your own.

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