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NEWS  /  04/10/2024
A challenge with grateful patient programs is maximizing your fundraising team’s limited time. By leveraging AI, you can predict who is most likely to become your next grateful patient.
NEWS  /  04/10/2024
Learn how the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program can benefit American healthcare nonprofit professionals. Provide resources for your staff members navigating student loans.
NEWS  /  03/26/2024
Here are just a few of the insights shared at the Campaign Excellence Summit that you can benefit from without the flight to Denver! 
NEWS  /  03/12/2024
As a team manager, keeping young professionals on your team engaged and invested long term can be a challenge. When looking for a solution, let gratitude and recognition be your guide.
NEWS  /  02/28/2024
In the world of philanthropy, planned giving stands out as a strategic approach to securing long-term support. In this article, we'll explore tactics to help you nurture legacy giving relationships.
NEWS  /  01/31/2024
Originally published in the fall 2023 issue of AHP's journal, this article will inspire you to focus on your wellbeing.
NEWS  /  01/17/2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare philanthropy, organizations are constantly seeking ways to engage donors and secure lasting support. One effective strategy is the Triple Ask.
NEWS  /  12/20/2023
Successful grateful patient fundraising is all about timing. The team from Windfall three tips to help you make sure you're connecting with donors right on schedule.