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NEWS  /  09/29/2021
Have you started planning for Giving Season? Read our eight tips to help you get started.
NEWS  /  09/23/2021
Are you considering becoming a CFRE? This post explores four reasons that might help you decide if it's right for you.
NEWS  /  09/21/2021
Brittany Hill, Founder and CEO of Accelerist, provides real-world examples of how hospitals have successfully partnered with corporations to solve some of their biggest challenges.
NEWS  /  09/14/2021
Jennifer Garcia, Digital Fundraising Specialist at Dayton Children's Hospital, shares how she expanded their digital fundraising footprint and reached untapped donors.
NEWS  /  09/13/2021
How University of Vermont Medical Center engaged hospital staff in philanthropy efforts, beyond asking for donations.
NEWS  /  09/10/2021
Brittany Hill, Founder and CEO of Accelerist, shares the most popular questions she's received about prospecting for healthcare foundations.
NEWS  /  08/31/2021
Jasmine Jones shares how AHP members are using benchmark data to plan for the future.
NEWS  /  08/30/2021
No matter what type of donor you are trying to reach, we have tips to help you speak directly to your audience effectively.