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NEWS   5/31/2023 9:08:24 PM
Learn about the forgotten stage of campaigns. Hint, take a look in the mirror.
NEWS   5/24/2023 5:55:32 PM
You face numerous challenges when it comes to identifying potential supporters. It’s important to consider several factors when evaluating your best prospects.
NEWS   5/9/2023 8:13:52 PM
This post was adapted from a spring 2018 Healthcare Philanthropy article. Today’s big donors want to fund a vision for helping the world—not your hospital’s wish list.
NEWS   5/3/2023 5:55:12 PM
Learn actionable tips to engaging healthcare providers in grateful patient philanthropy efforts.
NEWS   4/25/2023 10:11:22 PM
This post was adapted from a spring 2020 Healthcare Philanthropy article about a new way Sarah Fawcett-Lee, FAHP, CFRE and the team at Virtua Health major gift officer recruitment.
NEWS   4/12/2023 5:54:18 PM
Read the key takeaways from the 2023 AHP Leading Forward Health Equity Summit
NEWS   3/14/2023 2:29:54 PM
ChatGPT and other AI-based bots can streamline repetitive tasks and free room for relationship-building and creativity.
NEWS   3/9/2023 10:19:45 PM
Learn Henry L. Bauer's five rules for practitioners to “Be Prepared” for recruiting board talent.

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