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NEWS   3/9/2023 10:19:45 PM
Learn Henry L. Bauer's five rules for practitioners to “Be Prepared” for recruiting board talent.
NEWS   2/28/2023 9:20:22 PM
Si Seymour's legacy lives on in those who embrace the qualities that made him a role model for healthcare fundraisers. We honor those fundraisers today with the Si Seymour Award, AHP's highest honor.
NEWS   2/15/2023 4:05:00 PM
Adapted from a spring 2022 journal article by Mary Anne Chern, FAHP, ACFRE
NEWS   2/1/2023 5:54:47 PM
What you can expect from the 2023 Leading Forward: The AHP Executive Summit
NEWS   1/18/2023 3:35:06 PM
AHP's 2022 Salary Survey Report shows the gender pay gap is still a hurdle for women in healthcare philanthropy. But there are things we can do to close the gap.
NEWS   12/22/2022 7:42:04 PM
With concierge programs under fire from the NYT, President and CEO Alice Ayres shares her recommendations for ethical concierge programs.
NEWS   12/21/2022 8:14:43 PM
A look back at the hits of 2022.
NEWS   12/8/2022 2:29:58 PM
At the 2022 AHP International Conference, Tim Logan, ACFRE, FAHP shared recommendations for a successful end-of-year campaign. I’m breaking down four pieces of guidance from Tim.

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