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NEWS   7/27/2022 3:13:01 PM
Planned giving conversations are complex, but they don't have to be scary. Here are some tips from the AHP Madison Institute to get you started.
NEWS   7/15/2022 1:06:25 PM
"How are you?" can be the most important words you ask a donor—if you really stop and listen to the answer.
NEWS   6/16/2022 8:27:08 PM
Asking permission at every step in a donor's journey makes the big "ask" easier and more likely to succeed.
NEWS   6/6/2022 5:45:43 PM
We can improve the health of everyone in our communities if we all accelerate just a little bit.
NEWS   5/20/2022 2:02:29 PM
Being a leader today is tough in such uncertain times. One veteran healthcare fundraiser advocates embracing the uncertainty when forging ahead.
NEWS   4/29/2022 2:37:06 PM
If you're new to development, scheduling that first meeting with a donor can be frightening. By following the 4-Right Rule, you can set up for the best possible cultivation meetings.
NEWS   4/7/2022 1:13:00 PM
Philanthropy is an often-overlooked revenue stream for healthcare organizations. Here's what to say to your Board to get them to pay attention.
NEWS   3/29/2022 1:13:08 PM
Professional development is a powerful tool to give your staff a reason to build a long-term career at your organization.

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