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A Nod to the Power of Gratitude (Just in Time for Thanksgiving)

Jenny Love
Published:  11/18/2020
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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and though the composition of our tables may look different this year, giving thanks never goes out of style.

Gratitude is almost like a magical elixir. On a personal level, it increases happiness, builds connection, and increases your ability to handle adversity. On a professional level, gratitude helps patients heal and reduces burnout for clinicians. Here are some of our best resources about gratitude to help you increase it in both of your worlds.

Responding to Gratitude

Patients and families that experience great care often feel inspired to give back—but frequently, they aren’t sure how to express their gratitude in a way that has an impact. In this article and on-demand webinar, discover tactics for engaging caregivers to receive and respond appropriately to gratitude as part of their critical, ethical role in philanthropy. 

Embracing the Science Behind Grateful Engagement

Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, CEO at Accordant Philanthropy, believes that embracing gratitude and inspiring purpose-driven effort can transform philanthropy. In this report, she teaches you the psychology and science behind gratitude so that you can collaborate more effectively with patients and families who are motivated to give. 

The Science of GRACE (GRAtitude, Compassion, Empathy)

The GRACE program was developed by David Victorson, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and associate professor of medical social sciences at Northwestern University, to combat burnout among clinicians. Those who have embraced the program have reported increased patient and employee satisfaction and increased grateful patient referrals. Learn how to roll out the program at your organization in this on-demand webinar.

Gratitude, An Antidote to Burnout

In this CEO Corner from 2019, AHP president and CEO Alice Ayres encourages us, as philanthropy professionals who understand gratitude better than anyone, to lead our organizations into building a culture of giving and accepting thanks. 

Ethical Issues and Recommendations for Grateful Patient Fundraising

Grateful patient programs raise an array of ethical issues for patients, physicians, development professionals, and institutions. This report, the culmination of the 2017 Summit on the Ethics of Grateful Patient Fundraising, pinpoints the major ethical issues in grateful patient fundraising and makes recommendations to manage them.

Grateful Patient Engagement Amid and Beyond Covid-19

Back in May, Erin Stitzel, a principal healthcare philanthropy consultant at Accordant, discussed tips for adapting our grateful patient strategy in light of Covid-19. Her recommendations remain useful even as the pandemic wears on.

Still looking for inspiration? Here is a crowdsourced list of 100 things to be grateful for in your own life.

NEWS  /09/19/19
In collaboration with the major gifts team, Philanthropy Champions can redefine how grateful patients give and enrich donors' connections to the foundations they support. 
NEWS  /05/04/20
Recommendations for how to adapt your grateful patient strategy during a time of crisis.
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Official guidelines regarding the ethics of grateful patient fundraising
NEWS  /09/26/18
After a positive health care experience and exceptional care, many patients and community members may express gratitude to their care team, but caregivers may not understand how to receive it.
NEWS  /10/17/19
Research shows that when our clinicians engage in gratitude exercises for only two weeks, they see a 28% reduction in perceived stress.

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