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CEO Corner: Charting Our Course for 2020 and Beyond

Alice Ayres
Published:  07/20/2020

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At AHP, it has been a very busy several months as we adapt to the changes in the world and seek new ways to serve you through these times. We’re grateful for your responses to the surveys we sent, and we used that feedback to chart our course for the second half of 2020. Here are a few ways we have incorporated your thoughts into our work.

Expanding Online Education 

We learned from many of you that continuing education and professional development are critical and need to be more accessible online. We started with Convene AHP in June, and now we’re working on AHP Virtual Institute––nine tracks spanning from a few days to several weeks based on Madison Institute’s curriculum and led by Madison faculty.

We also decided to transition to a virtual AHP International Conference this year. We’ll miss being together in Austin, TX, but we’re excited this virtual version will allow participants to access all 32 presentations, and connect with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and participants.
Each of these events will deliver excellent education taught by incredible faculty and speakers, just as you would receive at an in-person event. The goal is the same: to allow you to practice at your very best, despite the challenges we face working remotely. If you have any questions about these upcoming events, please feel free to reach out to the Education and Events Team at meetings@ahp.org.

Understanding the Impact of Covid-19

We also launched a survey series to help our membership better understand the impact of the pandemic and the recession on healthcare fundraising overall. We have initial results from approximately 20 organizations, and the data and the insights will continue to grow and improve as more of you participate.
We urge you to continue sharing your information with us, and to start sharing if you haven’t. By reporting your data, you’re helping the rest of the membership––and profession––to get clear insight into the effects of Covid-19 on our industry. With these insights, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your organization’s fundraising plans and set goals for the year to come. Please take a moment to visit our Covid-19 survey page, and contact jasmine@ahp.org if you have any questions about this survey or participating in Report on Giving. 
We are so grateful to all of you who have renewed your membership with us, and for the 25+ organizations who chose to increase their commitment by upgrading to AHPrime. Because of you, AHP is thriving and ready to inspire, educate, and serve you through this challenging time and beyond.

Nothing is more important than hearing from you, so please reach out to me directly with your thoughts, suggestions, questions, and even criticism, so that we can serve you in the very best way possible.
I hope you are safe, well, and enjoying some sunshine this summer.
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Alice Ayres
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