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Engaging Your CEO in Philanthropy

Hospital CEOs may not be aware of how much of a central role philanthropy can take in the financial health of a healthcare organization. Showing them the full impact that philanthropy has well beyond planning parties can increase the foundation's influence on organizational strategy. Use these tools to make the case to your CEO about the importance of philanthropy to your organization's bottom line and the community.

Vibrant Vulnerability: Engaging Non-Fundraising Clinical Leaders

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How to convince your CEO to embrace the power of philanthropy


The Strategic and Ethical Benefits of Healthcare Philanthropy


A discussion between Alice Ayres, AHP CEO, and David Flood, CDO at   Intermountain


Revenue Equivalency Calculator


Find out how much patient revenue would be needed to create the returns   of your foundation


Healthcare Philanthropy Leadership Essentials


Advice to forge strong working relationships with your executive suite

CEO Corner: Developing Relationships


Set expectations with your executive partners by speaker their language


3 Ways for CDOs to Engage CEOs in Philanthropy


Be strategic and realistic and encourage active participation


Unlocking Executive Suite Engagement


5 research-based strategies to help you improve your relationship with your CEO


Communicating the Power of Philanthropy to Your C Suite


Why ROI matters more than cost to raise a dollar to your executive team


Build a Better Relationship with Your CEO


7 specific steps you can take to get your CEO on board


The Financial Benefits of Investing in Philanthropy


Slides and scripting to explain philanthropy's ROI to your CEO


7 Ways to Get Your CFO on Board


Help your CFO realize the impact of fundraising and its importance to the budget