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Gives a broad overview of a topic with no prior knowledge required. Appropriate for new healthcare fundraisers and individuals looking to fill in skill gaps.
Gives an in-depth look into a topic with a focus on application. Appropriate for individuals with some prior knowledge and experience in the subject area.
Focuses on complex topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy. Appropriate for senior leaders with significant knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare philanthropy.

Case for Support

Making Your Case Statement A Passion Paper


Set the tone for your campaign and provide an ideal means for pre-campaign cultivation


Be an Influential Storyteller

Journal Article

How to hook your audience in presentations and conversations


Creative Methods for Aspirational Storytelling

Blog Post

Of all the tools in a fundraiser’s toolbox, a compelling story can be the most important.


Create a Breakthrough Case

Journal Article

Create a socially significant project that aligns with  donors’ interests and your mission