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Major Gifts Program Strategy

Major gifts are a cornerstone of any fundraising program. These resources give you advice on how to structure and maintain a program that pays dividends.

Ethical Guidelines in Concierge Programs


AHP president and CEO Alice Ayres discusses navigating concierge programs for donors

Five Must-Dos When Hiring a Major Gift Officer


What to look for in a gift officer, and how to make the position appealing

Moving from Event- to Major-Gifts-Oriented Strategy

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Watch: Overcome the challenges of becoming more relationship-driven

The Prize: A Major Gift Strategy Design Process

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Deliver the right combination of information, inclusion, sense of impact, and recognition

The Case for Expanding Benchmarking

The Power of Blended Gifts


How to partner with Baby Boomer donors' advisory teams to craft the right solution

Successful Major Gift Fundraising in a Small Shop


Targeted advice for establishing a major gift program with limited resources


Connecting Patient Care and Philanthropy


Best practices for high-profile patients translate into improved care for all

Elements and Strategies to Build a Major Gifts Program

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Strategies for the case, staffing, internal relationships, volunteers, and accountability.


Risk and Rewards of Venture Philanthropy


An alternative way for individuals or foundations to give, invest, and impact social good

Moving from Event- to Major-Gifts-Oriented Strategy


Read: Overcome the challenges of becoming more relationship driven