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Gives a broad overview of a topic with no prior knowledge required. Appropriate for new healthcare fundraisers and individuals looking to fill in skill gaps.
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Focuses on complex topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy. Appropriate for senior leaders with significant knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare philanthropy.

Campaign Planning


Insights from the AHP Campaign Excellence Summit

Blog Post

Why you should tailor campaigns to strategic goals and ensure donor appeal


To Campaign or Not to Campaign (CPO's Version)

JOURNAL ARTICLE AHP login required

10 things for CDOs to ask themselves before starting a comprehensive campaign


Strategic Branding Can Supercharge Your Next Campaign

JOURNAL ARTICLE AHP login required

Learn the key branding milestones to incorporate into campaign planning


The Dos and Don'ts of Capital Campaigns


Basic why's and how's for fundraisers just starting to learn about campaigns


The Space Between Campaigns: The Pause That Refreshes

Blog Post

Before you go back to business as usual, use these tips to maximize pledge collection


4 Campaign Pitfalls You Must Avoid


These four stumbling blocks can hamper your efforts and reduce your results


10 Ways To Multiply Your Campaign Impact

Blog Post

How to get non-monetary benefits: visibility, staff engagement, culture, and more


4 Pillars of Successful Campaigns


What’s behind a successful campaign transcends size and budget


So You're Thinking of Planning a Capital Campaign

VIDEO AHP login required

Explore where to begin and what to do first


Campaign Goal Setting with Limited Data: A Case Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE AHP login required

How one organization successfully set campaign goals with no historical data

10 Tips to Run a Successful Capital Campaign in a Small Shop


Succeed with the right strategies and a strong culture of philanthropy


Ready for a Campaign? Hold Up a Mirror


Learn about the forgotten stage of campaigns. Hint, take a look in the mirror.