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Focuses on complex topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy. Appropriate for senior leaders with significant knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare philanthropy.

DEIB Strategy

DEIB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. You may see this acronym represented many ways from different organizations (DEI, DIB, D&I, JEDI, etc.), but the core concept is the same: valuing and respecting diverse perspectives and creating an environment to support those perspectives to ensure that all individuals feel that they belong to their community. 

DEIB Data Toolkit


Best practices for collecting DEIB data, focusing on inclusivity and donor engagement


Why Representation Matters


An expert discusses how to increase diversity, inclusivity, and belonging in fundraising


Diversity In Healthcare

Blog Post

Dives into data on how diversity is impactful on healthcare outcomes


Creating a Diverse Staff


Best practices to make the case for more diverse and equitable strategic goals


How To Move DEI Conversations Beyong Just Talk

Blog Post

A few association leaders share how to move beyond good intentions to action


Inclusive Excellence Self-Guided Planning Toolkit


Example from Harvard to create a framework to pursue and operationalize DEIB work


UCI DEIB Workforce Strategy


Example strategic plan from UCI to implement and uphold DEIB values


Why Diversity Programs Fail


Learn how to upgrade outdated DEIB programs for effective, sustainable, strategic change


Lessons from Higher Ed


ACE describes the process educating senior leaders about DEI


Diversity and Inclusion in Advancement


Recent research on diversity and inclusion and why it's important for your organization


Preparing for Diversity in Healthcare: Implications for Philanthropy


Learn more about your perspective and role in DEI in the healthcare philanthropy industry


How to Maximize Your DEI Efforts


Go from meeting "requirements" to achieving true inclusion and belonging