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Gives a broad overview of a topic with no prior knowledge required. Appropriate for new healthcare fundraisers and individuals looking to fill in skill gaps.
Gives an in-depth look into a topic with a focus on application. Appropriate for individuals with some prior knowledge and experience in the subject area.
Focuses on complex topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy. Appropriate for senior leaders with significant knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare philanthropy.

AHP Member Sample Documents

The documents below have been collected over the years from AHP members as examples for you to use when creating your own program materials.

We are always looking for more sample materials to add to the list. If you have one to share, email us.

Grateful Patient Fundraising
Mini Course

On-Demand Course

Our four-part intensive gives a deep look into all aspects of grateful patient philanthropy

Gratitude-Inspired Philanthropy Mini Course

On-Demand Course

Deepen your relationships with donors and create a culture of giving and appreciation

Grateful Patient Clinician Referral Form



Grateful Patient Staff Training Presentation



Grateful Patient Program Presentation to Physicians



Grateful Patient Patient Solicitation Letter (A)



Grateful Patient Solicitation Letter (B)



Grateful Patient Nurse Education Materials